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When to Start Shopping for a Wedding Dress – and Your Wedding Bra!


August, September and October are huge months for weddings – so now’s the time of year when many women are in the peak pitch of wedding fever! But if you’re getting married this fall, chances are good you were shopping for a dress early this year, and you’re on to your final fittings now. If you’re planning a wedding for next year, though, or if you’re waiting till the last minute to shop for a dress, here’s what you need to know about when you should be shopping for your dress and your bra.

Shop for a Dress 9 to 12 Months Ahead
Most women begin shopping for a wedding dress around 9 to 12 months ahead of the wedding. Any earlier, and there are the problems with storing the dress until the big day – and the potential for size changes! But if you wait too long, you may find a dress you love but not have enough time to get it made and sized appropriately.

Things to think about if you’re planning your wedding shopping timeline:

  • Custom dresses take months to complete, and potentially weeks to months more for final sizing and fitting
  • Storing a large dress can take up a lot of space, but you may be able to pay your seamstress for storage
  • Do you care whether you’ve got next season’s fashions, or are you fine with something from this season?
  • If you wait to shop for your dress, you can save up money – and have a higher price range when the time comes to start your shopping.
  • Make sure you know the style of your wedding before you start shopping. If you plan a formal church wedding, but 6 months later change your mind to a beach wedding, the same dress won’t work!

Earlier is better, but comes with its own complications. Later gives you more certainty when it comes to date and style, as you’ve already begun planning the big day, and it may offer a little bit more financial flexibility, but it can also pose time constraints.

Shop for a Bra as Soon as You Have Your Dress!
When should you start shopping for a bridal bra to wear under your wedding dress? As soon as you’ve picked out your dress! If you’re getting married this fall and you haven’t already picked out a bridal bra, get on it ASAP!

It’s important to choose your bra after you know what dress you’re wearing so you can shop for a bra that is appropriate in terms of style and fit. If you’ve got a beautiful off-the-shoulder wedding dress with a fitted corset, for example, you’ll want a different bra than if you’ve got a high-necked, long-sleeved traditional style dress. You shouldn’t start shopping for your bridal bra until you know what dress you’re wearing, so you can find a bra whose neckline and shaping matches your dress style.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t wait too long to shop for your bridal bra after you’ve got your dress picked out! A good bridal bra will change the way your dress fits on your body. You should be wearing your bridal bra as early as possible in your dress fittings to ensure that your dress is getting tailored properly. If you wait until your final fitting to wear your bridal bra for the first time, you may have some serious fit issues!

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