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Even the Stars Wear Shapewear!

9-19-stars-wear-shapewearHave you ever wondered how celebrities and stars look so great? Sure, most of them have personal trainers, chefs, nutritionists – the whole lot. It’s kind of a requirement of stardom. But even with those tools, those beautiful ladies are still only human – and sometimes they need a little extra help to squeeze into those runway dresses and red-carpet concoctions. Yes, that’s right – even the stars wear shapewear!

Follow the Stars – Right to the Shapewear Aisle!
Wonder no more – some of the biggest stars who always seem to look great have come out and admitted to wearing shapewear! Adele wore “three or four pairs” of tummy control shapewear to the 2012 Grammys. Kim Kardashian wears thigh-control shapewear. Katy Perry raves about her favorite brand of shapewear. Even Tim Gunn admits that he wears shapewear sometimes – he talked about how it makes everything look more trim and fit, and that’s something that every high-profile celebrity feels pressure about! And of course, Oprah has been endorsing shapewear for years.

If you feel guilty or embarrassed about wearing shapewear – don’t! Even the stars do it. So if the people we adore for always looking great are allowed to wear shapewear to get those looks – so can we!

What’s Your Favorite Shapewear?
Everyone has a different area where they feel they need work.

Kim Kardashian is self-conscious about her thighs, so she wears thigh slimmers or long leg shapewear. A lot of our thigh slimmers also offer tummy control, so it’s great if you want smoothing and shaping from the thighs to the ribs. If you’re concerned about bulging out under thigh control shapers, we also have some long leg shapewear that is capri length – it’ll hide under a pair of pants or a floor-length dress, but it’ll prevent any unsightly bulging below the shapewear.

Adele admitted to wearing “three or four pairs” of shapewear to get the look she wanted. While we can’t recommend wearing multiple pairs of shapewear (sorry, Adele!) because it can cause health problems – even Adele mentioned she had to take several pairs off to be able to breathe well enough to sing – we’ve got some great shapers that provide targeted control to just where you need it.

Finally, if you’re looking for all-over control, a body briefer is perfect! Body briefers are shaped like a swimsuit, and sometimes they also have extra length in the legs to provide thigh shaping. Body briefers are wonderful for women who find that regular shapers tend to roll down at the top (typically in the tummy region) because body briefers have straps that go over the shoulders – they don’t roll down! They also provide built-in bras, so you don’t need a separate bra to get the look you want. (And yes, most of these open at the crotch so you don’t have to take the whole thing off to go to the bathroom – a huge bonus if you drink as much water as I do!)

Follow the stars and embrace the power of the shapewear!

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