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Spring is Here – Almost! Swimsuits to Hide the Winter Pudge and Help You Look Great!

We’ve made it to the Ides of March, and most of us are starting to kick our butts in gear to try to shake off that winter pudge that seems to accumulate no matter how vigilant we intend to be. It can take time to shake off those winter pounds, though – if you don’t have time, or don’t want to stress over how you’ll look in your swimsuit when the warm weather finally arrives (or if you’re taking a warm-weather spring break!) these swimsuits can hide that winter weight and help you look fabulous and amazing, even if you haven’t had time to tame the winter bulge!

Swimwear by Miraclesuit – Look 10 Pounds Lighter!
Miraclesuit swimwear has been some of our best-selling swimwear for years – and it’s easy to see why. The Miraclesuit motto is “Look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds” – their great swimsuits are designed to do just that! Miraclesuit offers dozens of great swimwear styles that use ruching, crossover designs and clever color blocking to hide and camouflage problem areas, and make you look and feel fitter. Some of our favorite Miraclesuit swimsuits are:

With MiracleSuit, you really can’t go wrong, so check out our MiracleSuit swimwear to find the perfect swimsuit for you!

Magicsuit Swimsuits – Unleash the Magic of a Beautiful You!
Magicsuit swimsuits are similar to MiracleSuit, in that they use visually-slimming design techniques to create a svelte, fitter you! They also integrate innovative lycra spandex to provide tummy, hip and bootie control, minimizing the “jiggle” and helping you feel more confident and beautiful at the beach. Some of our favorite MagicSuit looks are:

There’s a MagicSuit swimsuit design to deal with every body issue, so browse our collection and stop feeling self-conscious about winter weight – or anything else!

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