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Spring is Coming – Time for Light-Colored, Light-Weight

The first day of Spring is still a few weeks away, but weather in many parts of the country is already hinting at springtime! Trees are beginning to blossom, the days are getting longer and the first hints of warmth are tip-tapping at your door! With Spring just around the corner, now is a great time to stock up on light-colored, light-weight bras and shapers to help you look your best!

Color Counts – What to Wear Under Your Spring Wardrobe

A nude bra is the right choice with light-colored spring fashions

Yesteryear’s bras and shapers were typically available in limited colors; white was the most common, followed by black and the occasional nude color. Nowadays, color abounds in bras and undergarments – we love looking cheerful, playful and fun even under our clothes! But when it comes to prepping for your Spring wardrobe, color does matter.

If you’re sporting light colors and pastels this spring, or anything semi-sheer, nude-colored bras are the way to go. Many people erroneously think that white is the best color bra to wear under light-colored clothes, but that’s incorrect! White works under thick fabrics or bold colors where there’s no chance for show-through, but if you’re wearing semi-sheer, lightweight fabrics or pale pastels this Spring, try to pick a color that’s close to your normal skin color. This tip applies to both shapers and bras.

This spring’s fashion trends include bright, bold colors – and with bright colors, you can pair pretty much any color underneath! Many people choose dark bras under bright colors, but with really bright color palettes or thicker fabrics, it really doesn’t matter.

Switching to Lighter-Weight Fabrics

Nylon, polyester - and mesh! - are great breathable fabrics for spring

With Spring on the way, it’s time to switch to lighter-weight fabrics in your wardrobe and let your skin breathe! You’ve been confined all winter long; now it’s time to rejoice in the warmer weather and steer clear of heavy synthetics that don’t let your skin breathe. Cotton is a great, naturally-breathable fabric, but some synthetics also breathe well. Some great springtime fabrics include nylon and polyester, and of course – silk! And then there’s mesh – the ultimate in breathability! Stock up on breathable fabrics and enjoy the feeling of freedom you get from tossing aside the heavy winter wardrobe and switching to lighter Spring fabrics!


Get Into Shape – Spring for a New Shaper!

The Annette Secret Weapons High Back Camisole offers a unique Cooling Sensation treatment that makes it feel cool on your skin - great for spring and summer!

Most of us are less active during the winter months, and it’s not uncommon to find that your Spring wardrobe just doesn’t quite fit the way it did last year. If you need to quickly slim and fit into your favorite Spring fashions, the right shaper can make the difference between getting it to zip and breaking the zipper! Tame those unsightly bulges and be proud when you switch to a smaller, lighter coat and remind people that Yes! You’re not a Michelin Man under there!

Cami smoothers are great if you’re just looking for a little casual toning and definition under your shirts. Tummy trimmers, high-waist panties and control briefs are the way to go if you just have a little belly bulge to tame. Or if you’re looking for some all-over control to boost your confidence in any outfit, a torsolette or body briefer is perfect.


Don’t fear Spring this year – meet it head-on looking and feeling great!

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