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Spring Break Tips and Tricks if You’re Vacationing Somewhere Tropical!

For some of us, spring break is already here! But for most of us, spring break is right around the corner. If you’re heading off somewhere warm, sunny and tropical for your spring break, don’t forget these tried and true rules to stay protected, look great and avoid hassle along the way!

Wear Sunscreen
If it feels like everyone’s always telling you to wear sunscreen, that’s because we are! Sunscreen has been an important way to protect your skin from the ravages of the sun for decades. You may look fabulous now, but trust me on this – if you don’t wear sunscreen, your skin will become leathery and more prone to wrinkling, and you’ll age prematurely. It’s not a myth.

There’s more than your beauty at stake, though. Nowadays, wearing sunscreen also a great way to help protect yourself from skin cancer, too. Good sunscreen won’t prevent you from getting a killer tan, but it can protect you from getting a killer cancer.

Accessorize with a Cute Hat and Sunglasses
A cute hat and UVB/UVA rated sunglasses can help you create a killer spring break look – and give you an extra layer of sun protection! You can find some great hats at local department stores, and pair them with a cute pair of shades and a winning smile, and you’ll definitely draw some attention on your spring break. Imagine yourself sitting on the beach, sunning yourself, checking out the surf – or surfers – behind your shades, and a hot guy comes up to say hi… you can take off your sunglasses, flash him a dazzling smile, and look up at him from under the brim of your hat just so – and you’ll wow him for sure!

Don’t Forget to Update Your Look!
What to wear for spring break? If you’re going someplace tropical, you’ll probably want a couple of swimsuits, a pair of shorts or a skirt, a coverup that matches your swimsuits, and something to wear out at night. Sometimes, if you choose well, a piece can multitask – some of our coverups, for example, are also hot little pieces for going out at night when you dress them up with a sparkly belt or a great pair of heels. Make sure your wardrobe is ready for spring break paradise!

Try to Pack It All Into a Carry-On
Flying just keeps getting more expensive, and more and more airlines are limiting passengers to carry-ons only, or charging a fee to check luggage. If you can limit your luggage to a single carry-on, you can save a good chunk of cash by not checking a bag, and you can also save time when you arrive at your destination by not having to hang around the baggage claim. And no worries about your luggage going missing along the way! Pack smart with multitasking clothing and swim pieces, travel toiletries and keep it small to minimize luggage woes!

Most of all, have fun! Spring break is something that you’ll only get to enjoy a handful of times in a lifetime, so have a great time with your friends, meet some new people and enjoy the warm sunshine while the rest of us are still dealing with winter storms!

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