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Sports Bras to Minimize Bounce

Women want sports bras that do a variety of things, but one of the most popular reasons for buying a sports bra is to minimize bounce. Many of the women who shop for sports bras are looking for bras that they can wear while running, jogging, playing vollyball or doing other active sports or activities that might normally cause a lot of bouncing. We all know how uncomfortable the bouncing bust can be, and it can actually cause back strain and strain on the ligaments in the bust. If you’re looking for the best sports bras to minimize bounce, consider these options:

The Enell Sports Bra

The Enell Sports Bra comes up time and time again, and part of the reason for that is that it’s a great high-impact sports bra, suitable for active lifestyles. This sports bra has been featured on the Oprah show, and it’s got a ton of positive reviews from women who have purchased the bra from us here at Big Girls’ Bras. The Enell Sports Bra is great for running, jogging, working out at the gym and other high-impact activities, and is designed specifically to minimize bounce while you’re being active. Your breasts are completely secured to minimize bounce. It’s got a hook-and-eye front closure for easy wear and is an all-around great sports bra for high-activity women.

Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra

The Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra is another great option for women who engage in active lifestyles, and it’s got a unique design that offers you good shaping, lift and separation while at the same time minimizing bounce. In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you: I took this bra along on a four-month motorcycle trip through some of the hottest parts of the world, and it was my favorite bra that I brought on the trip. It wicks sweat beautifully, is easy to hand-wash and dries fast. It’s also extremely comfortable, even wearing it all day, and kept my bust in place through some extreme riding conditions. It’s great for high-impact activities, and it’s also great if you don’t like uni-boob and want something that looks like you’re wearing a normal bra.

Champion Powerback Underwire Sports Bra

The Champion Powerback Underwire Sports Bra is another great option if you’re looking to minimize bounce while participating in high-impact activities. This sports bra incorporates a lot of great design features to help minimize bounce, such as the stabilized binding inside the cup frame, brushed underwire casings with cushioned tips, and the Powerback design with controlled stretch to help stabilize core while allowing a full range of motion. This bra is recommended for activities such as jogging, tennis, vollyball and mountain biking; high impact activities that require a good, supportive bra to minimize bounce.

These are just a few of our great sports bras that can help minimize bounce while you’re undertaking high-impact activities. Check out our entire sports bra collection, and look for bras that are reviewed well for high-impact sports and activities. You’ll find several other great options, as well as sports bras that are suitable for all-day wear or low-impact activities.

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