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Sports Bras to Keep You Comfortable During Holiday Season Prep

Last week, we looked at some of the ways you can look and feel great for the upcoming holiday season. This week, we’re continuing the trend by looking at different types of bras you’ll love for your holiday wardrobe! Today, we’re going to focus on sports bras to keep you comfortable and supported during your holiday season prep.

Why a Sports Bra for Holiday Prep?
Why would you need a sports bra for holiday prep? Think about it – before a big holiday party, you’re on your feet for hours – sometimes days – cooking for the party and cleaning your home. Everything has to be just perfect for your guests, and that usually translates to a lot of work, a fair amount of sweat and general rushing around like a chicken with your head cut off! That’s what makes a sports bra perfect for the pre-holiday prep. Sports bras are comfortable and breathable, some of them are moisture-wicking, and all of them provide support and move with you while you’re working your bootie off trying to get ready! So these are a few of our favorite, most comfortable sports bras that are about to become MUST-HAVES for your holiday prep!

Anita Active CoolMax Sports Bras 5521
The Anita Active CoolMax Sports Bras 5521 is one of our shoppers’ favorite sports bras for casual and medium-impact activities. The soft cups and microfiber construction mean that this bra is super comfortable, and the microfiber is also great from a breathability standpoint. This bra is great for running errands, cleaning and cooking before your holiday party – it’ll keep you comfortable and contained, but it’s not unduly constricting or binding. You’re going to love it!

Moving Comfort Maia Underwire High Impact Spacer Sports Bra 350011
I had to include the Moving Comfort Maia Underwire High Impact Spacer Sports Bra 350011 because I tried it out when I was training for my 5k, and it’s the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn! 2-in-1 support style features an inner sling that helps provide extra support for a full bust, and the underwire is so comfortable that you barely even notice it. It’s breathable and moisture-wicking, and comfortable even when you get sweaty. It didn’t provide enough support for me for running, so I wouldn’t call it a great high-impact sports bra, but it’s my new favorite everyday bra, and it’s great for holiday prep stuff like running errands, giving the house a thorough cleaning and spending hours (or days) cooking your bootie off!

Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra 8040
The Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra 8040 is one of the most popular sports bras among our fuller-figured and fuller-busted shoppers. I also own this one, and I love it, too! This microfiber bra has good moisture-wicking, and it dries quickly when you get sweaty. Because the band is so narrow, it’s great if you’ve got a short torso. And the four-section cups with side support panels really do provide great support for full-busted women! I don’t think this one is quite as comfortable as the Moving Comfort Maia, but it offers slightly better support, and 100% of our shoppers who have reviewed this bra would recommend it to a friend!

So there you have it: a few great sports bra options to keep you comfortable and help keep you going while you’re engaged in your crazy busy holiday prep! Try it this year, and see what a huge difference it makes for you.

Join us tomorrow as we look at longline bras that will look great with your fancy holiday dress!

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