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Sports Bras that Don’t Break the Bank

It’s that time of year again: summer is here, women have shed layers of clothes and many of us decide we’d like to lose a few pounds. But exercising is so frustrating, uncomfortable, distracting – name it – if you don’t have a good sports bra that can hold you in place! Yet many women don’t want to invest in a “good” sports bra, because they cost too much; and then we get frustrated because we don’t have a sports bra or the one we have doesn’t do the job. Well, this week we’re going to look at ways to help you overcome those sports bra blues, starting with today: looking at some sports bras that don’t break the bank!

Soft-Cup Sports Bra

Leading Lady has an excellent spandex, seamless soft-cup sports bra for under $30.

Soft cup sports bras are great for low-impact activities, but may lack the support you want for mid-range and high-impact activities. Soft cup sports bras are best for things like yoga, pilates, walking, and other low-impact activities, or for small-busted women who don’t need much support.

Low-Impact Wrap Sports Bra

Glamorise offers an Active Comfort Low Impact Sport Wrap Bra for just over $30, which offers a bit more shaping and support than a soft-cup sports bra but is still best for low-impact activities.

This Glamorise wrap bra is great if you’re looking for a low-impact sports bra but want to avoid the uni-boob look that many soft-cup sports bras can leave you with.

Mid-Range Activity Level or All-Day Sports Bra

Playtex offers the 18-hour active lifestyle bra for $30 that’s great for medium-impact activities or just for running errands and wearing all day.

This Playtex bra features breathable absorbant cups and sling with a soft underband and wide, stay-put straps. This bra is a great choice for outdoor activities or moderate exercise activities. It’s designed to be comfortable for all-day use, and is another great choice for women who don’t like the ¬†uni-boob.

High-Impact Sports Bras

As a general rule, the more high-impact or high-tech the sports bra, the higher the price. Most of our high-impact sports bras start in the $40 neighborhood, and can range up to $80+, or even over $100 for some of our high-end sports bras.

But if you keep your eyes out, occasionally you’ll run across a great sports bra sale. Our Moving Comfort Phoebe C and D High Impact Sports Bra, for example, normally priced at $36, is currently on sale for just over $32.

Often, when you see great sale prices on sports bras here at Big Girls’ Bras, it’s because the bra is available only in limited quantities and sizes, and we’re discontinuing carrying it. But if you’re patient about finding deals, you can get some great sale sports bras here.

So remember: a good sports bra doesn’t have to break the bank. And it’s not worth spending a little money on a bad sports bra that’s just not going to work for your needs. But some of our best sports bras cost a little more money – and come with benefits for the cash. We’ll be taking a look at these sports bras this week, and hopefully we can help you find the perfect sports bra for you!

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