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Sports Bras for Different Activities

Sports bras are great for a variety of different activities. Whether you’re looking for a sports bra to wear while working out at the gym, running a marathon or just running errands, we’ve got a great selection for you here at Big Girls’ Bras. Have a big bust and have a hard time finding a sports bra that fits? No worries. We specialize in bras for big-busted and plus-size women and we’ve got some great options for you. Browse our complete sports bra collection, or check out this selection of bras for some popular activities:

Sports Bras for Running, Jogging, Sports and Active Lifestyle
If you lead an active lifestyle, you need a sports bra designed for high-impact activities. High-impact sports bras provide extra support, and help keep your bust in place when you’re running or moving around a lot. These types of bras are perfect if you want to avoid bounce and stay comfortable throughout your activity.

For high-impact activities, consider bras like the Shock Absorber Level 4 D Plus Max Sports Bra Top, the Shock Absorber Level 4 Racket Sports Bra, or the Enell Sports Bra. These bras are designed for maximum support and compression to prevent bounce. They may not be as comfortable for all-day wear as some of our other sports bras, but this type of bra is perfect for high-impact activities like running, jogging, playing sports and being active.

Sports Bras for Yoga, Free Weights, Walking and Low-Impact Workouts
Sports bras for low-impact activities don’t require quite the same level of support as for high-impact pastimes. Low-impact sports bras aren’t as binding, and don’t provide the same degree of bounce restriction that the high-impact bras provide.

Some of our most popular low-impact sports bras include the Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra, the Leading Lady Miss Mary of Sweden Mesh Softcup, the Goddess Sports Bra and the Anita Rose Faia Sport BH Sports Bra. These bras include soft, comfortable fabrics, and typically provide a bit more shaping than the highly-compressing bras that are suitable than the high-impact activities. This type of bra is great for things like yoga, free weights, riding a recumbent bike, walking or other low-impact workouts.

Sports Bras for Relaxing and Running Errands
Sports bras aren’t just for working out. Many women prefer sports bras for relaxing and running errands. A sports bra might be a great choice for throwing on after work, wearing on the weekend or wearing when you’re taking care of the kids. It’s comfortable, breathable, soft and easy to wear all day long.

The Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra is also great for running errands, because it provides a bit of support and shaping while still being more comfortable than a more structured bra. Other great options include the Grenier Cotton Light Sports Support Bra, the Glamorise the Ultimate Full Figure Sports Bra, and the Anita Active CoolMax Sports Bras. These bras have softer cups and less support structures, so they lack the support for high-impact activities, but they’re great for lounging around in comfort or running errands.

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