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Sports Bra Recommendations for all Your 2012 Workout Needs!

If you’re one of the people making a resolution for 2012 to lose weight or get in shape, you’re not alone! This is one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions every year, and the new year is a great time to start a new exercise program or lifestyle changes to alter your diet and get into shape. But if you’re planning to work out and lose weight, you need the right bra!

A good sports bra will hold you in place during your activities, wick moisture when necessary, and still be comfortable and non-restrictive to wear. High-impact and low-impact sports bras offer different comfort and support levels, so consider adding one of each to your wardrobe for the new year! Not sure where to start in sports bra shopping? Check out these sports bra recommendations to help you kick start your 2012 workout plan, or browse our complete selection of sports bras for just the right pick for you!

High-Impact Sports Bra
Ladies, the Enell Sports Bra is going to top our list as a great high-impact sports bra to help you lose weight or get fit. Oprah praised the Enell Sports Bra on her show, and our shoppers agree – it’s got 119 reviews with a 4.6 out of 5 star rating from our customers. This bra is great for high-impact activities, although as a compression-style sport bra, it does flatten your bust. Great for things like running, jogging, active sports and horseback riding, but may be less comfortable for low-impact activities due to the compression.

Low-Impact Sports Bra
The Freya Active Soft Cup Sports Bra is one of our top picks for medium and low-impact sports bra. Some women use the Freya Active Soft Cup Sports Bra for jogging, but many of our shoppers use it for low-impact exercise and find it quite comfortable. This is an encapsulation-style sports bra that doesn’t compress your bust the way the Enell Sports Bra does; it’s great for medium-impact activities, and low-impact exercises like yoga.

Soft Cup Sports Bra
Some ladies don’t like an underwire in their sports bra, so our pick for soft cup sports bra is the Goddess Sport Bra 5056. The Goddess Sport Bra features moisture-wicking fabrics, and is great for medium and low-impact activities. It’s very popular among our shoppers, with 65 reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Women rate it as offering good support and comfortable, and while some women wear it when running, more rate it as a good bra for low-impact activities.

Full-Figure Sports Bra
Full-figured ladies – worry not! We’ve got a great full-figure option for you: Glamorise the Ultimate Full Figure Sports Bra 1006. This encapsulation-style sports bra features a comfortable, moisture-wicking fabric, and is designed with the proportions of a full-figured lady in mind. No-bounce, no-slip straps hold you in place while you exercise, and lightweight, padded support bands offer support without the bulk. Back features a breathable, open-mesh design for comfort and dryness.

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