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Sports Bra Fit Tricks and Tips

Like any type of bra, sports bras can require some special tips and tricks to get the best fit. Cup sizes aren’t necessarily the same for all manufacturers, and many sports bras have unique fit qualities because of their soft-cup designs. Many sports bras also don’t have separated cups, so it can be difficult to judge how well they’ll fit based on cup size. What do you need to know about sports bra fit when you’re shopping for your new sports bra? Here are some tricks and tips to help you get the most from your sports bra:

Check Reviews for Sizing Tips

In many cases, the women who have purchased sports bras from us leave reviews that offer sizing tips. If you’re thinking of buying a specific sports bra, check out the reviews and see what other women have to say about it. Every review features a “Cup Fit” and “Band Size” fit review, where women can rate the bra as “Feels True to Size,” “Feels Too Small” or “Feels Too Big.” In something like our Racer Back Sports Bra with Coolmax La Breeza High Impact Sports Style sports bra, all of the reviews say that the cup size feels too small, so you’ll know you should order a larger cup size than normal.

Read the Description for Sizing Notes

Here at Big Girls’ Bras, our product descriptions always contain sizing charts for the manufacturer, which rate the sizes compared to the standard U.S. sizing. If you know your standard size, you should be able to use our manufacturer’s sizing info to find the right fit. Sometimes our descriptions also contain written notes about sizing, such as in the Grenier Full Support Cotton Sports Bra. Our description notes: “European type sizing – runs a little small compared to American brands.” Keep an eye out for these types of notes to make sure you get the right size every time.

Check for Fit Notes

Sometimes our products also contain fit notes. You’ll see things like in our Shock Absorber Level 4 D Max Sports Bra: “The seamed cups offer a closer fitting support.” These typs of fit notes about cup, seams, etc. can help you decide whether you’ll find a sports bra comfortable, and whether the style is likely to be compatible with your preferences.

Consider Separated Cups

Some women just prefer the look of separated cups, and don’t like the “uni-boob” appearance that many sports bras provide. We’ve got many defined cup sports bras, which feature padded and unpadded cups, that can help you look your best. If you want to avoid the uni-boob or just like the definition of having separate cups, keep your eyes out for sports bras that feature this style of design. If you’re a large-busted woman or if you have trouble fitting regular sports bras, a sports bra with defined cups might be the solution to your problem.

Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we try to make it easy for you to find the perfect sports bra that fits properly. We know that shopping for sports bras online can be a challenge, so we offer a lot of tips and tricks to find the right sizing and fit. Check out our sport bra collection, and if you still have questions about fit or size, feel free to contact us.

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