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Solving the Bra Faux Pas: White Shirts

Believe it or not, you’d be surprised by how often we run across women who are frustrated that their bras show through when they wear white or light-colored shirts! Some people dismiss these worries; everybody knows that women wear bras, after all, so why should we worry about them being visible? Well, I’m here to tell you that your bra doesn’t have to be visible – and it really is a faux pas! (Unless you’re doing it on purpose, like wearing a sexy, lacy bra under a sheer or mesh shirt for a date night or clubbing – but that’s something else entirely!) So solve this bra faux pas by wearing the right bra!

White Bras Don’t Go with White Shirts
In the old days, conventional wisdom was to wear white bras with white or light-colored shirts. After all – if it’s white, it shouldn’t be visible through the shirt, right?


Because skin isn’t white, the skin color contrasts with the white bra under the shirt, making the bra visible. White bras are really only good for bright colors or thicker fabrics that won’t show through.

How do you solve this issue?

Try a Cami Underneath
If it’s a really thin fabric or you want to go for a cute look, you can try a cami underneath the shirt instead of a bra. A few weeks ago, we showed you some great cami options, many with built-in bras. Instead of worrying about a visible bra underneath, try one of these camis, instead! They make great layering pieces. Yes, they may well be visible under the shirt, but it makes for a cute layered look instead of the embarrassment of showing your bra. If you want extra support, try the bra under the cami under the shirt – it should hide the bra well enough, and you’ll still get the silhouette you want.

Choose a Nude, Skin-Colored Bra
Alternately, if you don’t want a visible cami under your shirt, go for a nude, skin-colored bra instead. The trick with a skin-colored bra is to try to find one that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Remember: it’s the contrast between your bra and your skin color that makes the bra visible, so if you can reduce that contrast down to practically nothing – the bra will be invisible!

Some of our favorite invisible nude bras are:

Anita Seamless Underwire Bra 5490 – this bra comes in “skin” and “champaign” – both of which are light colors that will hide more invisibly under your shirt than white. Try to match closest to your skin tone. The molded cups make it even more invisible – no seams to show through!

Elila Microfiber Spacer Molded Softcup Bra 1803 – Elila’s “nude” is a little bit lighter in color, making it great for women with a lighter skin tone. This soft cup bra is super comfortable, providing support without an underwire, and the molded cups make it invisible even under thin materials.

Chantelle Basic Invisible T-Shirt Bra 3261 – this bra is another great basic, with a couple of skin-tone colors: “talc” and “beige.” Molded cups make it a great choice for thin fabric – it’s really hard to go wrong with this one.

If you want to narrow down your options while shopping, use our drop-down menu at the top of the page to search by color, and choose the color that’s closest to your skin tone. Happy shopping, and say goodbye to this needless bra faux pas!

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