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Sneak Peek of 2013 Swimwear is Here!

It’s that time of the year again – time to get a sneak peek of the 2013 swim season lineup! What are your favorite designers doing for this year? What trends are going to shape the upcoming swim season? And can you get some of the fabulous new designs in time for cruise season or a mid-winter tropical vacation? The answers to all these questions might surprise you! Without further ado, let’s take a sneak peek look at some of the hot new designs that our favorite brands have coming up for you!

Whimsical Prints from Swim Systems

The first of our Swim Systems designs for 2013 take a whimsical approach, with bright, fun prints in the Maraca and Juniper collections.

The Swim Systems Maraca collection features a white base with bright blues, greens, yellows and pinks in an array of fun coordinating prints that capture whimsy and playfulness at their finest!

The Swim Systems Juniper collection features a darker color palette, with a black base and bold pinks, greens, yellows, blues and purples in great abstract patterns that really give you a distinctive look. This collection shares similarities with our new Sunsets Separates collections, but with a more playful attitude.

Go Floral with Sunsets Separates

Yes, floral prints are coming up in this year’s Sunsets Separates lineup! We’ve already got two of the new Sunsets designs up on our site: check out Sunsets Cool Breeze collection and Sunsets Afterglow collection!

Cool Breeze offers a return to darker, simple color palettes, with a black base and lovely rich pink, white and green floral print. This is a departure from the brighter palettes we’ve been looking at for the past few years.

The Sunsets Separates Afterglow collection also features a darker palette, but the print is more abstract and evocative of floral than an outright floral print like the Cool Breeze. This palette features more greens and teals, and gives you a very different look even though it features a similar design approach.

Look Beautiful and Feminine with Tara Grinna

Early looks at our new Tara Grinna collections show styles that are feminine and beautiful, with hints of a soft palette but bold colors making a contrasting statement.

The Tara Grinna Jarmila collection features a white base, with bold oranges, greens and pinks in a floral print gone playful and bold. The bright colors on a white base really pop, and this collection will go great with lighter skin tones.

The new for 2013 Tara Grinna Esmeralda collection takes it up a notch with a bright pastel blue base and bold paisley-style print in orange, red and pink. The juxtaposition of the pastel blue and the bold print make a strong statement, and really show off a confident personality.

The best part of these early 2013 swim collections? They’re available now in limited quantities for your cruise and tropical vacations! Get away from the chilly fall weather or cold snowy blues in a few months, and look like a million bucks in one of these stylish new 2013 swimsuits!

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