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Smooth and Shape Your Silhouette with Our Favorite Smoothers!

Wrapping up our shapewear roundup is the oh-so-fabulous smoother category! Smoothers are one of the most eclectic categories of shapewear, because practically anything can be a smoother. Our smoothers include bodysuits, slips, tummy trimmers, smoothing camis, longlegs shapers – if you’ve got a body part or area you want to smooth, we’ve got the smoother to do it! Smoothers are designed to even out your silhouette, and they range from light control to firm control. Because smoothers are so versatile and come in such a broad array of styles, they’re great under any clothes at all – just find the right one for your needs!

Annette Hi-Back Camisole SWX213
Smoothing camisoles are one of the most traditional types of smoothers. These camis are great because they help smooth out the tummy, waist and even back. With a smoothing cami, you never have to worry about muffin top, or the top band rolling down. The Annette Hi-Back Camisole SWX213 is one of our favorites because you can wear your own bra with it to get exactly the shaping and control you want. No more one-style-fits-all solutions – customize the level of support and shaping you want for your bust with your favorite bra, and pair it with a great smoothing cami like this one to look fabulous under all of your clothes!

Check Out These Bali Smoothing Camisoles!
Smoothing camis are so great that many of our shapewear partners make their own versions. If you’re looking for something with a little less support – and a little lighter on the wallet, check out the Bali Everyday Smoothing Seamless Top 8418. This smoothing cami features less compression, so the support is lighter, but it’s more comfortable and there’s less of a chance that it’ll ride up. It’s perfect as a layering basic.

Alternately, if you want something a little more heavy-duty, there’s the Bali Powershape Tailored Cami Firm 8584. This camisole shaper offers firm control, giving you more compression and more slimming power. The control panels are fused, giving you targeted control without bulky seams. It’s designed to flatten the tummy and smooth the back, so this is another great layering basic.

Bodywrap Smooth Catwalk High-Waist Plus Long-Leg Underbust Bodysuit 45305
At the opposite end of the spectrum is something that provides great all-over smoothing: the Bodywrap Smooth Catwalk High-Waist Plus Long-Leg Underbust Bodysuit 45305. This smoothing bodysuit provides tummy control, lifts and shapes the derriere, and offers extra control fabric tension to eliminate bulges over the tummy and hips. The seamless design makes it invisible under clothes, and you can pair it with your favorite bra to get exactly the shaping and silhouette you want.

Fantasie Elodie Control Brief
We’d be remiss if we didn’t wrap up our favorite lineup with a tummy control smoother. The Fantasie Elodie Control Brief offers light tummy control and smoothing, but it’s not designed for heavy-duty use. If you want a little extra control under your clothes – maybe a little toning to help flatten your tummy or smooth out some love handles – this control brief is a great smoother. In fact, it’s pretty much the perfect epitome of what a smoother is and does!

What’s your favorite smoother? Is there a particular brand or style you love? Tell us all about it here or on our Facebook page!

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