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Sleep Bras – What They Are, and Why You Need Them

Are you one of the women who comes home from work and immediately takes her bra off? Many women find wearing a bra to be uncomfortable, and do it only when they feel they “have” to wear a bra. Most women don’t wear bras to bed, and may not even wear a bra around the house. Unfortunately, not wearing a bra can lead to complications including premature aging, droopy breasts and potential medical problems. Don’t underestimate the value of a good bra, and of wearing a bra even when you’re not at work.

Why Wear a Bra at All?
Why do you wear a bra? Many women wear a bra because it’s expected, and they feel like people will be looking at them if they leave the home without a bra. Bras are expected in a professional setting, so most working women wear them every day. However, many women feel they shouldn’t need to wear a bra outside of work, or when they’re not trying to impress someone. If you feel this way, why do you think you should wear a bra?

Wearing a bra isn’t just to fit in with social norms. Wearing a bra has good medical and physical value. Failure to wear a bra – particularly if you have a large bust – can cause your breasts to age prematurely, getting saggy and droopy before they would normally age in this way. Not wearing a bra, or wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly, can stretch the breast tissue and the ligaments that hold your breasts. You can also experience medical problems from failure to wearing a bra, starting with back problems and expanding if you wear the wrong bra size.

The question isn’t “why wear a bra?” It’s “why not wear a bra?” If your argument is comfort, that’s not a good argument at all – especially where your health and the longevity of your bust is concerned.

Sleep and Leisure Bras – What They Are
Sleep and leisure bras are a category of bra that you should absolutely consider to fill your bra needs. You don’t need to wear a powerful, supportive bra 24 hours a day; you can still relax a little with a more comfortable bra at home yet still give your body the support it needs.

Sleep and leisure bras are a category of typically soft-cup bras that provide basic support, but not the support and coverage you’d need for a long day at the office. These bras are a compromise between wearing a full-coverage highly-supportive bra at home and wearing no bra at all. These bras are particularly useful for pregnant or nursing women, although they’re great for women of all bust sizes and types who want to protect the longevity of their busts. If you can’t just shake your habit of coming home and taking your bra off, try slipping into a sleep or leisure bra when you come home, instead. It will provide much of the same basic protection of your heavy-duty bra, while at the same time being more comfortable to wear – even when you sleep.

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