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Have You Shown Your Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month Yet?

10-24-big-girls-bras-breast-cancer-pinterest-boardAs I’m sure you know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! You’ve probably encountered a plethora of run/walks, bake sales, special promotions and fundraisers throughout the month – which isn’t surprising because breast-cancer related causes raise a good portion of their funds at this time of year, when awareness is high. But have you had a chance to show your support yet? If not, we’ve got a couple of great ways to support breast cancer charities, so as we enter the final weeks of NBCAM, check out these great ways to show your support and get some cool stuff!

BGB is Partnering with Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund
One easy way to show your support for a breast-cancer charity is through the Big Girls Bras partnership with the Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund! Last year, Big Girls Bras partnered with this charity and was able to raise $2,000. This year, with your help, we’d like to raise even more!

In order to show your support through the BGB partnership with the Boccard Fund, all you have to do is buy a bra from one of our favorite brands! If you buy a bra from one of these brands, we’ll donate $1 from the sale of each of these bras during October to the Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund. It’s that easy!

The featured brands for this promo are:

So when you buy a bra from any of those brands during October, we’ll donate $1 to the Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund!

If you’re curious about this charity, it’s an organization based near our headquarters in South Florida whose mission is to provide funding for breast care to women in the community. They offer financial assistance to women who want to obtain mammogram screening and other high-quality breast imaging and biopsies. It’s an underserved niche for women who don’t have insurance or whose insurance won’t cover these procedures. It’s a great and deserving cause.

Check Out Breast Cancer Charities on our Pinterest Board
If you want another way to support breast cancer charities, we’ve made it easy for you by putting together a Pinterest board full of special promotions whose proceeds go to breast cancer charities. Take a look at our “Support Breast Cancer Charities” Pinterest Board. We’ve found everything from:

  • BCA Hot Pink Lavender Eye Pillow
  • Orly’s nail polish in Fight On, Pink Your World and You are Not Alone
  • Pink Pecan Carmel Terrapins from Edward Marc
  • Adidas Running Shorts
  • Popcorn Factory Pink Kettle Corn
  • Ugg Dakota Breast Cancer Limited Edition Slippers
  • Paul Mitchel Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron

And many more promos whose proceeds are going to support various breast cancer funds and organizations. Find a product that’s perfect for your life, or browse until you find a cause that supports a fund or charity that’s near and dear to your heart.

Whatever you choose to do – don’t let the last week of October go by without snagging a great new product and showing your support for breast cancer charities!

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