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Short Body; Long Swimsuit – Tips for Fitting

A large portion of the female population has short torsos, but many women aren’t aware of how to dress for a short torso, or how to find the right clothes for them. Fitting a one-piece swimsuit with a short torso can be challenging when nothing seems to fit properly. Fortunately, if you’re a woman who has a short torso, there are some great swimwear options for you. If you know what to wear, and some tricks and tips for fitting your clothes, you can look great at the pool or beach this summer. Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we want to help you look your best in your new summer swimwear.

Do You Have a Short Torso?

Some women don’t even realize that they have a short torso; all they know is that some things don’t look right or fit properly. Knowing that you have a short torso is half the battle. In a balanced body, the upper body is roughly the same length as the lower body. Your hip line height would be half your full height, and your waist is at your bent elbow. Women who have short torsos have legs that are longer than their upper body. If your hip height is above half your full height, or your waist is higher than your bent elbow, you have a short torso.

How to Look Great with a Short Torso
If you have a short torso, your main style considerations are to create visual balance by creating the illusion of a longer mid-torso and shorter legs. If you’ve got a short torso, these are the types of style and design details you should look for:

  • Design detail that draws the eyes down, such as border prints;
  • Darker colors on top, lighter colors on bottom;
  • Styles without waistbands or torso embellishments;
  • Low-rise or hipster bottoms.

Women who have short torsos should avoid these types of design details and styles:

  • Focal points that draw the eye upwards;
  • Empire line tops;
  • Wide belt-style suits;
  • Bottoms with a high waistband.

The Best Fitting Swimsuits for Short Torsos
With these design considerations in mind, the best swimsuit styles for women with short torsos are two-piece styles. If you prefer the coverage that a one-piece swimsuit offers, consider a two-piece tankini swimsuit instead. Tankinis often offer the same coverage in the waist and stomach that you could get from a one-piece swimsuit, but you don’t have the problems with extra material that you might experience with a one-piece. Even if a two-piece swimsuit is too long for you, the top will just hit lower over the bottom; it won’t leave excess saggy material for you to deal with.

These swimsuit tips and tricks should help you find just the right two-piece swimsuit to help you look great this summer. Remember the design details to avoid, and browse our swimsuit collection to help you find your perfect swimsuit!

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