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Shopping for a Bra: Why Quality Matters


When you’re shopping for a bra, it’s silly to assert that price is no object. Most of us are slaves to our pocketbooks, so it may seem unwise or even impossible to spend ~$100+ on a single bra. The question we’re forgetting to ask, though, is what does that ~$100+ get you in a bra? Why are the so-called “expensive” bras priced at over $100, and is it actually worth considering them in that price range?

If you browse $100+ bras long enough, you quickly see that the designs of these bras tend to be a bit more elaborate, elegant, feminine and sophisticated. Take a look at our premium brands, like Prima Donna, Marie Jo, Conturelle and Chantelle – you can see the difference. They’re designed to appeal to the woman who is willing to spend that much on a bra. But what may not be readily apparent is the thought and R&D that goes into these pretty designs sported by our high-priced, premium brands.

Conturelle, for example, has women who actually test their bra designs by physically wearing the bras and providing feedback. These designs are then iterated upon and refined before they ever make it to manufacturing. As a result, these designs tend to be well-considered, with thoughtful details. They fit well and hold up for all-day wear without becoming uncomfortable. They provide superior support, and yes – they tend to be more feminine and pretty than value-priced bra brands.

Premium bra brands like Prima Donna, Marie Jo and Conturelle also pay serious attention to the detailing that goes into every bra. Embroidery is often hand-embroidered; lace is the highest quality premium lace; and all of the fabrics and materials are meticulously produced to exacting specifications of comfort and high-quality. These brands will send materials back that don’t fit their requirements – they insist on having it done right.

They also tend to include thoughtful details, too, such as Conturelle’s insistence on using nickel-free, allergy-tested underwires to eliminate any discomfort for women with sensitive skin. The amount of handcrafting that goes into these bras makes them a work of art, and the top-quality materials that go into their construction justifies the higher price range.

An insistence on quality pays off for our premium brands. Our high-end bras, when properly cared for, tend to last longer, remain comfortable longer, and retain their shape better than low-cost, value brands. You may end up wearing out 3 bras that cost you $30 each in the time you’d wear out one bra like the Conturelle Joy Underwire Bra 501; you’d spend just as much or more on low-priced bras, and you wouldn’t get to enjoy the superior fit and comfort of these premium brands.

Think of our high-quality bras as an investment in your wardrobe. You can buy a premium bra for a special occasion, but if you’re anything like me, it’ll creep into your regular wardrobe because you just love wearing it so much. If you invest in a few great high-quality staples, though, they can form a wonderful core for your wardrobe – and you’ll experience for yourself why quality matters.

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