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Shapewear Sizing Done Right


Many of us have a love-hate relationship with shapewear. We love the way a good shaper makes us look and feel – sleek, sexy and with any unsightly bulges tamed. But we hate fighting with a bad piece of shapewear – something that rolls down constantly, causes a muffin top, rides up or where we overflow up top or down low. Some of these problems are design issues, but a lot of these problems are actually related to shapewear sizing problems. Improve your relationship with shapewear by learning how to properly size it!

Avoid Overflow Up Top by Choosing the Correct Bra Size
Bra-sized shapewear is great – it enables us to select a shaper that works for our bust size to prevent overflow and other embarrassing shapewear faux pas. This is particularly important if you’re buying a piece of shapewear for a low-cut top or dress – if you’re overflowing at the top and you’ve got a low cut outfit, everyone will see the embarrassing overflow bulge – or even a wardrobe malfunction! This isn’t something any of us want.

Make sure you’re wearing the right bra-sized shapewear by following our bra fit guidelines. If you haven’t been sized recently (or even if you have, but you suspect the size is wrong) – take a look at our page on Getting Measured for a Bra. Keep in mind that not everything fits alike, so you should take a look at our Bras by Bra Sizes page to figure out if your favorite shapewear brand has any sizing deviations. Problems with sizing up top can affect everything from your bust overflowing the cups to embarrassing overflow in the back – eliminate back fat and overflow with proper sizing!

Eliminate Overflow Down Low with Proper Sizing
The other problem with shapewear is typically around the midsection. Many of us want shapewear to make us look and feel slimmer. Shapewear is designed to do that – but if you’ve got soft tissue in the midsection, and the top of the shapewear digs into it, it’s going to create an overflow or muffin-top effect.

This is why it’s so, so important to get the right size of shapewear!

Here’s something that most people won’t tell you: buying smaller shapewear to look slimmer doesn’t really work the way you think it does. The tissue that you’re trying to hide has to go somewhere – so it usually squeezes out over the top or down underneath the shapewear. So buying shapewear a size or two down may slim the portion of your body that it covers, but it’s going to create overflow on top or below!

Buy shapewear in the correct size, and you’ll get the effect of toning your body, and you’ll get some slimming. It’ll basically tame the bouncing and jiggling, and make your body look firmer. But a good, properly-fitted piece of shapewear generally won’t provide more than an inch, or two at most, of slimming. Anything more than that, and you get into the realm of overflow.

When you go with a bodysuit shaper, you may get a bit more slimming, or you may be able to create a flattering silhouette, because the top of the shaper isn’t in your midsection where many of us have softer tissue. But even with a bodysuit, it’s still important to get the right size – don’t try to downsize too much or you may have overflow, in addition to just being constricting and uncomfortable!

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