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Shape it ‘Till You Make It – Survive the Spring with Our Great Shapewear

Winter is a cruel mistress. In spite of our best efforts (or maybe we’ve just gotten busy and haven’t had time to do much about it!) we tend to pack on a few winter pounds, and then spend late winter and spring trying to take them off again. Don’t do the frantic late-winter dance anymore – this is the year to shape it ‘till you make it! Fudge it with some of our great shapewear until spring and summer rolls around and you lose those winter pounds naturally. No one needs to know that those blouses are a little more snug than they were last year, or that fabulous dress is a smidge bit too tight for comfort, when you’re rocking a fabulous piece of shapewear.

Types of Shapewear
Not every piece of shapewear is right for every occasion. All women are different – our bodies store fat in different ways, and we get those bulges in different spots. As a result, we need different shapers with different levels of control! What you wear makes a difference, too; you might get by with a tummy trimmer in a skirt that’s gotten a bit too snug under a loose blouse top, but you might need more all-over control to look great in that little black dress.

So today we’re doing a quick primer on the most common types of shapers. For the rest of this week, we’ll take a more in-depth look at each and help you figure out which one is right for you!

Body Briefers: body briefers are great if you’re looking for all-over control. These are the shapers you want under a fabulous dress, or that favorite form-fitted power suit that makes you look like a sexy, powerful executive. From boardroom to ballroom, body briefers do it all.

Longlegs Shapers: longlegs shapers are just what the doctor ordered if you’re looking for rear and thigh control. Panty-style shapers may cause bulges at the leg openings, whereas longleg shapers go down the legs to provide more control and prevent unsightly bulges. These are great under snug skirts. Thigh Slimmers are similar to longlegs shapers, offering control across the thighs and sometimes down to the knee. Thigh slimming shapers are great under pants and skirts, and you can also get high-waist options to provide some tummy control.

Tummy Trimmers: tummy trimmers, known in the more traditional sense as control briefs, provide shaping and control in the tummy region. These are a great option to smooth out the pudge that develops as we age (I know we don’t like to talk about it but almost all of us suffer it!) and provide toning and shaping under skirts or pants.

Smoothers: smoothers are great if you’re looking for a little smoothing that helps you look more toned and bulge-free, but don’t need the all-out control of the more heavy-duty shapers. Smoothers are great under everyday wear, including t-shirts and jeans, and smoothing lingerie may consist of everything from shaping tank tops to briefs or pants. These are designed for comfortable, all-day wear.

Now you’ve got a basic sense for what’s out there, join us this week as we take a more in-depth look at each of these types of shapers, what to wear when, and how to find the right level of control for you!

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