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Sexy Swimsuits for Big Busts

Finding swimsuits for big busts can be challenging. If you need d cup swimsuits, ddd swimsuits or larger sizes, most off-the-rack swimwear you find in your local department store isn’t going to fit you properly. You need bra size swimwear, which gives you the specific sizing for your bust, to ensure you get the right fit in large bust swimsuits. Is it possible to find big busted swimsuits that also look sexy? You bet it is! This is what you need to know:

Look for Underwire Swimsuits
Underwire swimsuits are your secret weapon when you’re shopping for large bust swimsuits. Underwire swimsuits give you the support you need without covering you up completely. Full coverage swimsuits provide the best support for large-busted women, but they might not be your top choice if you’re looking for a sexy style. This is where the underwire comes in.

Freya swimsuits has a great example of an underwire swimsuit that can be sexy and supportive for large-busted women. Check out something like the Freya Can Can Underwire Bandless Triangle Bikini Top. This Freya swimsuit top has an underwire for support in up to a FF cup size, but it’s still a sexy swimsuit – not your grandma’s one piece. The Freya Fortune Underwire Plunge Bikini Top is another example of the power of an underwire for support, but you’ll find great underwire swimsuits in many of our lines. Check out some of our customers’ favorite underwire swimsuits by:

Tankini Swimsuits can be Sexy
The other thing that many women don’t realize is that you don’t need to show everything to be sexy. Some of our underwire tankini swimsuits are quite sexy but don’t have the same plunge cut and bikini styling that might not provide enough support for large-busted women. The Freya Cabaret Underwire Plunge Tankini Top is a great example of a tankini swimsuit that’s fun and sexy. You still get the plunge cut, but the tankini-style design can support a much larger bust up to GG cup size.

Fantasie swimsuits also have some great sexy underwire tankini swimsuits. The Fantasie Corsica Underwire Twist Tankini has some fun styling and a sexy cut without being too revealing and at the same time providing ample support for your bust. The Fantasie Corsica swimwear top, for example, comes in a cup size up to FF.

Support is Sexy
The most important thing to remember when you’re shopping for swimsuits for big busted women is that no matter how sexy the cut or styling, a swimsuit isn’t going to look good without providing the proper support. You want a nice, supportive swimsuit for your bust. Cut and style second; but first look for support features built into the swimsuit, such as underwires, a third bridge, double-straps or extra wide straps and other support features. Once you’ve found a great supportive style, you can rock it and look sexy all day long.

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