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Sexy Everyday Bras for Full Figured Ladies!

Ladies, this week we’ve been looking at our top picks for sexiest bras in various bra style categories. With the great bra selection we have here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’ve barely scratched the surface! Browse our complete collection of bras, or let us know what type of bras you’d like to see a top list for. In the meantime, to wrap up our week of sexy bras, we’re going to look at sexy everyday bras for fuller-figured ladies! We know that just because you’re fuller figured doesn’t mean you don’t want to look sexy! If you’re tired of dressing like Plane Jane, check out these top sexy bras for fuller-figured ladies!

Le Mystere Bras for Fuller-Figured Ladies
Le Mystere has a couple of bra offerings that are great sexy picks for fuller-figured ladies. First up, the Le Mystere Dream Tisha Lace Bra. This is a simply-cut molded cup bra that will vanish under your clothes, and invisibly create a fantastic shape for you. Lace edging along the top of the bra cups and the hint of cleavage make this bra a sexy understated choice for women who like simple styles.

The Le Mystere Victorienne Cut and Sew Bra is a little more overt in its sexiness. This bra features a three-piece cup to offer the best support and shaping, with sheer and sexy embroidery lining the cup top. The bra band also features the same sheer, sexy embroidery that lines the top of the cups. Straps widen for support and comfort as band and cup size increases.

Prima Donna Bras for Full-Figured Ladies
Prima Donna offers a great range of bras for women of all shapes and sizes, and they haven’t forgotten the fuller-figured ladies! A couple of Prima Donna’s bras made it into our top sexiest bra picks for plus-size women. First is the Prima Donna Menton Collection Underwire Bra. This bra is simple and understated, with multi-cup bras for support and shaping, and lace lining the cup tops and continuing up the straps to add a hint of sexy detailing. The beauty of this bra is in its simplicity and its hint of femininity.

If you prefer something more outrightly sexy and ostentatious, consider the Prima Donna Deauville Collection Underwire Bra 0161816 and the Prima Donna Deauville Collection Full Figure Underwire Bra 0161817. The difference between these two bras is cup sizes; the 0161816 is available in up to E cup sizes, while the 0161817 is available in F, G and H cup sizes. It’s easy to tell at a glance why these bras have made their way into our top sexy picks for fuller-figured ladies. Wavy stripe design offers a rich contrast to the airy leaves, and the beautiful detailing continues up the straps. A hint of sheerness in cup tops rounds out this sexy bra pick.

Kris Brilliant Lace Underwire Bra
This list wouldn’t be complete without the Kris Brilliant Lace Underwire Bra. This bra features a beautiful textured cup bottom and sheer cup top with embroidery. Scalloped edges along the bra bands and bra cups round out the embellishment on this bra. The fantastic shaping, beautiful detailing and sheer cup tops catapult this bra into the top sexiest picks for plus size ladies!

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