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Sexiest Plunging Cleavage Bras

Ladies, believe it or not, a bunch of women gathered together yesterday and bungee jumped in front of London’s Battersea Power Station to celebrate the plunging cleavage of a new plunge bra. Those ladies are clearly excited about their plunge bras! Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we wanted to help you get excited about some of our sexiest plunging cleavage bras – and don’t worry, you don’t have to bungee jump for us! If you’re looking for a sexy plunging cleavage bra for your hot new holiday outfit – or something fun just because – check out these plunge bras that will show your cleavage off to great effect!

Femi Fashion Underwire Deep Plunge Bra
The Femi Fashion Underwire Deep Plunge Bra is, pure and simple, a sexy deep-plunging bra. Molded contour underwire cups vanish under your clothes, making this bra the perfect option under t-shirts and other form-fitted clothes. You’ll have great cleavage in your lowest-cut shirts and dresses, and this plunge bra offers great shaping without distracting designs. With the Femi Fashion Underwire Deep Plunge Bra, your breasts will be the star of the show!

Freya Lacey Underwire Plunge Balcony Bra
Freya often makes our roundups, and there’s no surprise the Freya Lacey Underwire Plunge Balcony Bra has made it to our list of sexiest plunging cleavage bras! This bra may seem simple and unassuming, with its cafe latte coloring, it’s cute polka dots and its feminine lace detailing along the cup tops and band, but don’t let its look fool you – this bra is pure sexy. The cleavage in this plunge bra is rounded and perky, making you an enticing site to behold in your favorite low-cut tops and dresses. Three-part cups offer excellent support and shaping for women up to G cup sizes, but the shaping is really where this bra shines.

Elomi Ophelia Underwire Foam Molded Plunge Bra
Fuller-figured and plus-sized ladies, don’t despair – Elomi has a fantastic plunging cleavage bra for you! The Elomi Ophelia Underwire Foam Molded Plunge Bra offers a deep plunge and creates sexy cleavage for your low-cut or v-neck tops. Cups provide fuller coverage, which is ideal for big-busted or full-figured women, and the bra features a black leopard lace overlay on a nude cup background, giving you an enticing bra. Built-in push-up pads offer great uplift, and this bra is the perfect option for fuller-figured ladies who want the great cleavage of a sexy deep-plunging bra!

Harlequin Haydee Plunge Bra
We’ve saved this for last because it’s only available in limited sizes, but the Harlequin Haydee Plunge Bra definitely fits the bill when you’re looking for sexy deep-plunging cleavage bras. This sexy plunge bra offers three-section, two-tone bra cups which will help you look as sexy with the shirt off as the great rounded shaping and cleavage will have you looking with a shirt on! Underwire cups offer lift and support – the level of sexy you’ll achieve with this bra is truly worthy of the Harlequin name!

If you’re looking for a great sexy plunging cleavage bra but want more options, check out our entire plunge bra collection. We’ve got a ton of fantastic bras that will give you just the right combination of cleavage and shaping you need!

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