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Back to School: How to Shop for Girls’ Training Bras


Shopping for a training bra is a right of passage. We all remember it – for some, it was that awkward conversation with mom. For others, the training bra just showed up one day. In still other cases, we had to approach our parents and tell them that now was the time. Every situation is different, but these tips can help you help your daughter through the oh-so-important shopping for a girls’ first training bra.

When is the Right Time to Shop for a Training Bra?
The truth is: every girl is different. Our bodies all develop at different points. Some girls start developing breasts at a young age, while others are late bloomers and make it all the way to high school without needing a training bra.

The right time to shop for a training bra is when not wearing a bra becomes an issue for the girl.

In some cases, it’ll be because you notice that shirts are starting to stand out conspicuously. In situations like these, it’s best to shop for a training bra as soon as possible – before your daughter starts getting teased, or starts receiving unwanted attention from her peers. We all remember how kids can be!

In the case of a late bloomer, the physical changes may not necessitate a training bra as much as the emotional and mental need for one. In today’s society, it’s all-too-easy for a girl to develop a body issue. For girls who develop late, they may start to feel left out, or may cultivate a poor body image because they haven’t caught up with their peers. For girls like this, the physical need may not dictate a training bra, but it’s helpful to shop for one in part to avoid emotional trauma, and in part to prepare her for the time when it will be helpful.

Choosing a Training Bra
Picking the right training bra is mostly about respecting a girl’s wishes and boosting her confidence. Many of our Royce training bras are lightly padded – both for modesty, and to help young girls feel better about their developing breasts. We also have unpadded training bras, though, if your daughter would prefer to remain inconspicuous, or if you feel that starting with a padded bra is sending the wrong body image.

Ultimately, there are arguments to be made for and against these styles. Picking what’s right for your daughter is about your family dynamic, and helping her feel more comfortable with her peers.

Sizing a Training Bra
Our Royce training bras are available in cup sizes ranging from AA through D. In these juniors’ sizes, Royce conforms with U.S. standard bra sizing – it isn’t until you hit DDD that Royce deviates, which is higher than any of our training bra cup sizes go.

Many girls feel self-conscious about getting measured for a bra, so it’s helpful to fit them for their first bra yourself, or even give them our Getting Measured for a Bra instructions and let them fit themselves.

For more information on training bra fit, sizing a training bra and helping a girl pick out her first training bra, check out our “Bras for Teens” page – or send your daughter here to familiarize her with bra shopping herself!

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