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Revisiting Fashion Week Bra Trends: Bra Tops, Crop Tops and Cutouts

10-8-fashion-week-bra-trendsFashion week was last month – the time of year when new looks are revealed and we get our first glimpse of what will be trickling down to us commoners in upcoming fashions. The buzz has faded somewhat, but some of the trends seemed particularly relevant to us here at Big Girls Bras, so we decided we should take a look at some of those trends and think about how they’ll work for average women. Three of the trends that really stood out to us were the trends of cutouts, crop tops and bra tops. What do you think about these fashion trends – are you dying to wear them, or dreading them?

Bra Tops
Obviously here at Big Girls Bras we’d be very interested in the bra tops! But some designers took this to a whole new level on the runway this year. Did you see the Prada collections that featured bras on long-sleeve jumpers and coats? It’s Prada’s cheeky response to the crop top trend, but we kind of love these crazy tops.


On a more serious note, though, a surprising number of designers are featuring bras peaking out from under jackets and blazers, or sheer fabrics on the top half. Some designers are featuring bras outright worn as tops. Can you imagine basically wearing a bikini to work or out running errands? That’s essentially what this style entails, although it does look kinda sexy under something sheer or peaking out under a blazer for a rocking night out.


Cutouts and Crop Tops
Cutouts and crop tops are coming in a big way for the Spring 2014 collection of some major designers. In fact, so many designers have included crop tops in their collections that it’s tough to name them all, but we’ll be looking at pieces from Tibi, Elizabeth and James, Alexander Wang, Derek Lam, Rachel Zoe, BCBG and many more. The crops in these collections range in length, but they’re a common feature across many of the major designers.

o-CROP-570Cutouts offer those of us who aren’t brave enough to go full-on crop a way to flash some skin but still keep things contained. Cutouts just below the bust, above the hips and at the back add some sexy and feminine styling to outfits without baring all the way a crop top style does. Cutouts also featured in Fashion Week, and they’re a trend that even the more modest among us could get behind.


Do You Have to Wear the Trends?
Are you dreading the crop top, bra top or cutouts? If you don’t want to bare your midriff, you don’t have to, Brad Goreski of Bravo’s “It’s a Brad, Brad World” says. Brad says it’s fine to skip a fashion trend, and adds: “Know your personal style. It all comes down to this, you want to challenge yourself to try different things. That means risking those ‘fashion fails’ which is just fine!”

What do you think? Will you be embracing cutouts, crop tops and bra tops come spring? You might change your mind after a long, cold winter – but we’ll be curious to see what makes its way to retail shelves from this year’s fashion week!

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