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Reverse Triangle Body Type? Swimsuits that Flatter Your V-Line Shape

You don’t look like your best friend. You two don’t have the same body shape, so why should the same swimsuit look good on both of you? It doesn’t! To look your best at the beach or pool, you need to be wearing the swimsuit style that best complements your body – and that’s all about body shape! Today, we’re going to look at the best swimsuits for women with a reverse-triangle body shape. What’s the best swimwear style for a reverse-triangle body type?

What’s the Best Swimsuit for a Reverse Triangle Body Type?
Women who have a reverse-triangle body shape are smaller through the hips and thighs with a larger bust and/or wider shoulders. This body type creates a sort of v-line, with the widest point on top and an inward-slanting line down to the smaller parts of the body below. The best swimsuits for reverse-triangle women help to provide balance to this body type by minimizing the bust, defining a waist and accenting the lower body. One of the easiest ways to create this look is to go solid on top and to go with a banded, lighter swimsuit bottom to emphasize the waist and hips and minimize the bust.

Swimsuit Tops for Reverse Triangles
On top, you want a nice, simple, understated style – preferably in a dark color – to minimize your bust. A classic style like the Panache Anna Balconnet Bikini Top SW0503 is a great option for on top. This underwire bikini top features a light plunge and two-section cups to give you the best shaping and support, but the understated design really minimizes the bust.

If you want something with slightly more color and flare, a swimsuit top like the Sunsets Swimwear Mix and Match Bikinis Continuous Underwire Swim Top 71T is a good option. This swim top has a front plunging neckline in an underwire style that still offers lift and support, with a front center tie that you can add or remove if you want to wear it with or without a bit of flare. Ruching on the cups provides a little detailing without drawing too much attention. Remember: the key for this body type is to go subtle and understated on top!

Swimsuit Bottoms for a Reverse Triangle Body
The bottoms are where you want to show a little style and flare to emphasize your hips, define your waist and add some proportion to your body. A belted swimsuit bottom like the Sunsets Separates Swimsuit Bottoms Seamless Belted Swimwear Brief Style 26B is a great choice. This belted style helps define a waistline at the widest part of your body, and the lighter color print helps to emphasize your bottom half and really play up the proportions.

Another great style is the fold brief. Something like the Fantasie Maui Swimsuit Fold Brief 5250 works well with a light-color fold over band that helps to create a waistline, similar to the belt option, and the fold means you can create just the right coverage to get your proportions right.

Go forth and conquer, reverse-triangle ladies! Check out our complete selection of swimwear to find just the right style for your reverse-triangle body shape, and rock your body beach or poolside!

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