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Raise Money for Breast Cancer This Month

10-3-raise-money-for-breast-cancerWith October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, now is a great time to throw together a fundraiser and collect donations for your favorite breast cancer charity. You don’t have to be a professional to put together a useful fundraiser to bring in some cash for a breast cancer charity near you – try one of these easy ideas that anyone can do to raise money for your favorite breast cancer cause!

Host a Party
Hosting a party is a great way for an average person to put together a breast cancer fundraiser. Gather friends, family and co-workers together and do a door charge, with proceeds going to raise money for breast cancer. Or have a raffle or even sell products. What works best for you may vary depending on your circle of friends and your comfort level, but be creative and enjoy it! You could even do a themed party, with everything pink, or to have someone come in and talk about prevention or a specific charity. You could do it in your home, or rent a space – it’s all about how big you want to go. Hosting a party at home is simpler than a formal gala, though, and it’s something you can do on reasonably short notice since October is already upon us!

Have a Garage Sale
Do you have a bunch of stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of anyway? Host a garage sale, and donate the proceeds to a breast cancer charity of your choice! You can clear out some stuff you don’t need, and you can make a donation and raise awareness at the same time. If you want to raise a bigger donation, make it a block-wide garage sale or a neighborhood garage sale – be creative, advertise in the newspaper and with signage in the area, and make sure you mention that it’s a breast cancer fundraiser.

Have a Car Wash or Bake Sale
Kids use car washes and bake sales to raise money all the time – but there’s no reason this can’t work for adults, too! Get a group of friends together and put together a simple fundraiser at your local supermarket or car wash. All you need are some basic supplies and people willing to donate their time, and you can raise money and awareness for your favorite breast cancer charity.

Set up a Table with Information
Not interested in selling things or hosting a party? Why not do a simple information table or booth, and collect donations from interested folks. When you set up your table, make sure you have facts about the risks of breast cancer, survival rates and what your favorite charity does to help with the cause. It’s helpful to have something to hand to people, if possible, but even if you don’t, you can still help raise awareness and answer questions. All you need to do is put on your best smile and be ready to chat with passers-by!

If you want to help during breast cancer month, but don’t really know where to start – go simple. Try one of these easy ideas that anyone can do, and you’ll find that one person really can make a difference!

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