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Push-Up Bras: Everybody’s Favorite Bras Explained

Push-up bras are popular among women who want to enhance their cleavage and look great for that special occasion. Some women also choose push-ups if they want to look like they have a bigger bust, or if they just want the extra support to enjoy a perky bustline. Push-up bras are great for many occasions, but some women have misconceptions about what a push-up bra is or what it does. Don’t fall victim to common push-up bra myths. Is a push-up bra the right bra for you?

What is a Push-Up Bra?
A push-up bra creates cleavage and enhances your bust-size by lifting and emphasizing your breasts. The design and structure of a push-up bra is meant to fit snugly under your breasts, lifting them and pushing them forward. Push up bras can come in multiple styles that give you slightly different looks. You might find a padded push-up bra that gives you the appearance of a larger bust, or you may choose a balconnette push-up bra to create killer cleavage in a low-cut outfit. Many push-up bras have plunge necklines to wear well under low-cut shirts.

Why Wear a Push-Up Bra?
With the lift of a push-up bra, your bust size appears larger than your typical cup size. Push-up bras also create cleavage by displaying your breasts as beautiful, rounded globes under your shirt or top. Push-up bras are very popular in low-cut shirts or dresses. They’re great for creating a killer neckline and drawing attention to your bust. A push-up bra can also make you look slimmer by lifting your bust and creating a better-defined waistline.

Push-Up Bra Myths Debunked
Like all bra types, you may find many myths and misinformation surrounding push-up bras. One of the most common misconceptions about push-up bras is that only women with small busts should wear them. Many women with larger busts wear push-up bras not to create a larger bust, but to enhance their cleavage and get the extra lift that a push-up bra provides.

The other huge push-up bra myth is that wearing a push-up bra can cause health problems. This absolutely isn’t true. The potential problems with push-up bras come when you wear a bra that isn’t the proper size. When you wear the incorrect bra size, any bra can cause health problems, ranging from shoulder and neck pain to headaches, breathing problems and other health issues. Don’t avoid push-up bras because of conceived health issues. Just make sure that every bra you’re wearing is the correct bra size.

Choosing a Push-Up Bra
Choosing a push-up bra is largely a function of matching the right style to the right outfit. Wearing a low-cut outfit? Try a plunge bra, like the Conturelle Maguerite Push Up Bra. Looking for a padded push-up bra option? Consider the Grenier Full-Figure Cleavage Bra. Find the right push-up bra for you by matching the style and cut with the outfit you want to wear, and make sure you get the right size and fit!

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