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Problems with Bra Fittings

Bra fittings are invaluable experiences that far too few women undergo. A good bra fitting can tell you what size of bra you wear, and help you learn how to find bras that fit properly in your size and style. A good fitting takes into account not only your size but your body shape and bust to help you find the bras that will work best for you. Unfortunately, not all bra fittings convey the information you need, and bra fittings in some stores can actually give you the wrong information about your bra size and fit. Why aren’t all bra fittings alike, and what should you learn in a bra fitting?

Bra Fittings are Recurring Events
First and foremost, many women don’t understand that bra fittings aren’t a once-in-a-lifetime event. Your body changes over time. Maybe you lose weight or gain weight. As you age or have children, your body changes. All of these things translate to a change in your body and therefore a potential change in your bra size or fit.

Ideally, you should have a bra fitting after any major changes to your body. If you lose or gain a lot of weight, you should be re-fitted by a professional to determine your new size and discuss new fit challenges.

After you have children, your breasts change, too; first, swelling during breastfeeding, and then changing again as you stop breast feeding. You may need to increase your bra size during breast feeding, but you should definitely go for a professional fitting a few months after you finish breast feeding and your breasts have assumed their new post-pregnancy size and shape.

Even if you don’t have children or have any substantial weight gains or losses, your body still changes as you age. If you don’t have any major body changes, it’s probably still a good idea to go get a professional fitting every few years to determine whether you need a bra that provides more support or alternate shaping as you age.

Bra Fittings at Retailers May be Biased
The other major problem with bra fittings is that bra fittings at a store can be biased. Many retailers in the United States don’t recognize that women have large bra sizes, and simply don’t stock large cup sizes in their stores. You may find that stores only carry up to a D or an E size in their inventory. When you go to these stores for a bra fitting, they want to sell you a bra, so they manipulate your bra size to make it possible for you to buy bras in their store. Realistically, you may have a 38E bra size, but you might be told that you have a 42D in order to fit the store’s inventory.

In most of these cases, stores will tell you that your band size is larger than it really is, and your cup size is smaller, in order to fit into their inventory. Check out our articles on bra fit. If the cup doesn’t fit properly, you’re wearing the wrong size – even if you’ve had a “professional” fitting. Be aware of the store’s motives when you go for a “professional” fitting in a store. If you’ve got a large bust but the store only carries up to a D cup, you might want to go elsewhere for your fitting. At the very least, learning about how a bra is supposed to fit can tell you whether you’re getting an accurate fitting or whether the store is just trying to sell you a bra.

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