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Prevent Wardrobe Malfunctions by Selecting the Right Bra

We all remember the famous incident in the 2004 SuperBowl when Janet Jackson had her “wardrobe malfunction” which revealed her breast to millions of viewers on national television. Since then, many other celebrities have had wardrobe malfunctions; typically the “nipslip,” when the nipple becomes exposed to view. These phenomena aren’t confined to celebrities; women all over the country experience their very own wardrobe malfunctions while going about their everyday lives. You can prevent wardrobe malfunction or unfortunate “nipslip” incidents by selecting the right bra, and matching your bra to your activity.

Bra Size Matters
We’re always talking about how bra size matters, and how many women are wearing the incorrect bra size. Bra size is critically important when it comes to preventing slipping and “popping out” of your bra. It’s vital to wear the correct cup size and band size to give you the proper support and coverage. If your cup size is too small, you’ll already be “overflowing” your bra and more prone to wardrobe malfunctions. Make sure you’re wearing the correct bra size to give you the coverage and support you need.

Select the Appropriate Bra Type
Some women enjoy wearing push-up bras, plunge bras, balcony bras and demi bras. These bras offer great cleavage, and can help you look sexy in your favorite tops and dresses. If you’re wearing a low cut top, you might need one of these bras to prevent the bra from showing and to look your best in the shirt. However, it’s important to know how your breasts function in these types of bras.

Low-cut demi bras, for example, might not provide the coverage that big-busted women need. You might find that you’re prone to “pop out” when you wear a low-cut demi bra, indicating that perhaps this isn’t the best bra choice. Try a demi bra that isn’t cut quite so low, or another bra that offers more coverage for your breasts.

Tips for Trying On Bras
When you’re trying on a bra, make sure you try moving around in it. Reach over your head with your arms. Reach across your body with your arms. Bend forward and reach out. Try hopping. If any of these activities dislodge your breasts from your bra, you might need a different bra size or a different style. Reaching and bending are common in every-day activities, and if your breast pops out of your bra doing these motions, it’s possible or even likely that it will occur when you’re at the office or wearing your bra out and about.

Match Your Bra to Your Activity
Some bra types are great for going to dinner, but may not provide the coverage you need for dancing or other more vigorous activities. Think about what you’ll be doing when you put on a bra. If you’ll just be sitting or standing, you may get away with wearing a bra with less coverage. If you’ll be dancing or engaging in other vigorous activities, you should select a bra with more coverage to ensure you don’t “pop out” during your evening.

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