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Prepare for Valentine’s Day: Lingerie Shopping Tips for Men

Guys - do you think your lady would like this? If you can't answer "yes" or "no" with decisiveness, you need these tips!

Earlier this week, we took a look at what lingerie guys find sexy. Today, we’re going to look at what ladies like! A 2008 survey of 10,000 women revealed that 89% of women didn’t like the lingerie that their guys bought for them! Over half the women surveyed specifically cited red as being “cheap” and “tacky,” and nearly a third of the women surveyed got a bra gift two sizes too small! Well, gents – this isn’t the Grinch’s heart we’re talking about here – we ladies deserve a little time and attention to detail if you’re going to buy us lingerie. Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips for you that will make shopping for lingerie for your lady a little bit easier!

Don’t be Afraid to Talk with a Salesperson!
Men, salespeople in the lingerie don’t bite – in fact, they’re some of the nicest people you’ll meet, and they genuinely want to help you find something that both of you will like. And most of those people are women – we’ve all been on the wrong side of a bad lingerie gift before, so we always want to make sure it’s special and the lady who’s receiving it is going to love it! So when you’re picking out lingerie for your special lady, don’t be afraid to talk to a salesperson. Describe (or show) some of your lady’s favorite bras and panties and the salesperson can help you find a good gift.

Think Romantic – not Racy!
Men, you may like to see something exciting and sexy on your lady – but don’t just get her something racy you’d like to see her wear. Get her something she’ll love! When you’re thinking lingerie, think romantic. A romantic, intimate gift will set the mood far better, and you’ll enjoy her appreciation! When in doubt, a bra and panty set rarely goes wrong, but stay away from things like “crotchless” or “cutout nipples.” Red is an extremely popular color around Christmas and Valentines day, but a survey has revealed that many women feel that red is “cheap” or “tacky.” Something in a different color might be better received; it shows you’re thinking about what she would like instead of what you’d like to see her wearing.

Don’t Go Alone – Bring a Friend or Sister
We don’t blame you for being intimidated by lingerie, guys – but we girls aren’t! So if you really want to make sure you get the right gift, instead of buying something out of panic that your lady may or may not like – consult a friend, or even your lady’s sister. Our gal pals know our taste and can help you find the perfect lingerie. (But if you do this, make sure your lady isn’t the jealous type and wouldn’t mind you lingerie shopping with her friend or relative!)

Get the Size Right!
Fellas, this is such a frustrating problem to us girls: when you buy us lingerie in the wrong size! Don’t be afraid to ask her size, guys. Or go into your lady’s closet or dresser, check out her bras and panties and write the size down. Or even bring some of her bras and panties with you when you shop to show or describe to a salesperson, who can help you find the right size and a style that matches your lady’s taste.

Shopping for lingerie isn’t rocket science, guys. But a little attention to detail will go a long way in making your lady happy – even if what you get her isn’t perfect, she’ll appreciate the thought you put into it.

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