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Poor Bra Fit is Making News!

Ladies, bra fit is something we’ve talked about over and over again here at Big Girls’ Bras. There’s good reason for this emphasis on fit; 8 out of 10 women is wearing the wrong bra size! Bra fit is something we’ve been trying to help you figure out for years, but this issue is so critical and widespread among women today that it’s finally making news! A couple of recent articles and interviews highlight the importance of bra fit – so don’t just take it from us, ladies – it’s on the news!

The Wrong-Fitting Bra could Cause Back and Shoulder Pain
Channel 9 News in Washington, DC conducted an interview last week with a woman who recently wrote a book about bra fit. In the interview, Ali, the author, talks about how finding a bra that fit properly was a transformative experience for her. That’s why she has written a book designed to help women find bras that fit properly, and is attempting to raise awareness about this issue.

Ali emphasized the physical discomfort and medical problems that can come from poor bra fit, including back pain, shoulder pain, headaches and other referred pain. Additionally, Ali talked about her personal journey – how she felt like something was wrong with her body because she had such a hard time finding a bra that fit, and how it was literally a life-changing experience when she did find a bra that fit properly. Not only can a poorly-fitted bra cause physical issues; the emotional problems you face as a result of an improperly fitted bra are real. Ali talked about how a properly fitted bra will boost your confidence, make you feel better about your body and will generally improve your life.

We agree. You go, girl!

“Bra Doctor” Attempts to Raise Awareness about Fit
The “Bra Doctor” for a lingerie retail website issued a press release last week about how 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size, and how unhealthy bra behavior can affect our lives. This “Bra Doctor” reiterates the advice we’ve been giving here at Big Girls’ Bras for years – you should check bra size every six months, as many body changes can affect your bra size, including weight gain or weight loss, pregnancy, exercise, aging and other factors. The “Bra Doctor” also goes on to talk about the medical problems that can occur with poorly fitting bras.

Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’re happy to see that bra fit is getting airtime as it’s an important issue that many women struggle with today! If you haven’t been fitted in the past six months, or think you might be wearing the wrong bra size, check out our Fitting page for fit guidelines and sizing help. Urge your girlfriends and female family members to evaluate fit and make sure their bra sizing is up-to-date. If you have questions about bra fit, feel free to give us a call – one of our fit specialists will be happy to help you!

Happy fitting, ladies!

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