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Plus-Sized Swimsuits for Large-Busted Women

Miraclesuit SwimwearPlus-sized swimsuits for large-busted women are a subset within a subset, and may present a challenge to find. Women who wear plus-size swimsuits are typically focused on finding a flattering cut, and finding a large-busted swimsuit on top of that may be challenging. Not all manufacturers know how to design swimsuit tops for large-busted women that look flattering on a plus-size figure, so consider your options carefully to find the right swimwear.

Plus Size Swimwear for Large-Busted Women: Finding a Flattering Fit
In some ways, the fit and design of swimwear for plus-size large-busted women is similar to finding the right swimsuits for large-busted small women. Finding a swimsuit with the right cup size, an underwire, wide straps and supportive elastic panels sewn into the sides and bust area are good guidelines for large-busted women of all sizes. However, plus-size women face additional challenges in camouflaging areas of their body with which they’re unhappy.

One-piece swimsuits tend to provide the best coverage for plus-sized women, as these swimsuits often have slimming embellishments around the waist. A skirted swimsuit for large-busted women may also work well for plus-size women, as the skirt design helps to create a flattering line and figure. However, it can be challenging to find a one-piece with good coverage for the large-busted woman and the right design for a plus-size woman.

While it’s a general rule of thumb to avoid embellishment around the top for large-busted women, plus-size swimsuits for large busted women may have nice detailing or flattering embellishment around the waistline. A two-piece swimsuit may also work well if it’s got a flowing fit, such as a baby-doll design. Be alert for two-piece swimsuits that hit your body in the wrong place, or don’t provide good coverage of trouble areas, and keep in mind that two-piece swimsuits may shift when you’re active.

Maternity Swimsuits for Large-Busted Women
Maternity swimsuits for large-busted women are an even more specific subset within a subset, but expectant mothers-to-be have a nice range of options. Two-piece swimsuits for large busted women tend to make the best maternity swimsuits, as the top can stretch as you progress through your pregnancy. Baby-doll type two piece designs are extremely popular for maternity swimsuits. Anita makes some nice two-piece maternity swimsuits with flattering cuts for expectant mothers.

A one-piece maternity swimsuit may provide flattering detailing while still offering ample coverage and support. The Anita Maternity Kuta One Piece Swimsuit provides a nice flattering embellishment under the bust, and double straps for support. When shopping for a one-piece maternity swimsuit, make sure you look for flattering detailing in the design; some one-pieces aren’t designed with a mother’s shape in mind, and may not provide you with the look you want. As with other large-busted women, expectant mothers should look for swimsuits sized by cup and clothing size to get the right fit.

See these brands for plus size and large bust swimwear: Fantasie, Miraclesuit, Anita, Panache, Sunsets, Freya, Swim Systems, Gottex, Christina, Carol Wior, Tara Grinna

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