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Plus Size Open Bottom Girdles Provide Great Shaping for Full-Figured Women

Plus size open-bottom girdles typically provide great support for fuller-figured women, and the right girdle can give you a beautiful shape under your favorite dresses. Finding the right girdle can give you the confidence to shine and feel beautiful, and there’s no reason fuller-figured women shouldn’t look great in their clothes. Is an open-bottom girdle right for you, and if so, which one should you get?

Benefits of Open Bottom Girdles for Women
Open-bottom girdles provide fuller-figured women with fantastic support and shaping. With an open-bottom girdle, you can show off a classic hourglass figure while smoothing out your tummy or other problem areas. Open-bottom girdles are great alternatives to garter belts; they’ll hold your hosiery in place while providing you with beautiful shaping and smoothing.

Unlike many panty-style girdles, open-bottom girdles are more sexy and fun to wear; almost like wearing a sexy short skirt instead of your grandma’s support panties. Some open-bottom girdles also provide attractive detailing, so if you do find yourself in a romantic encounter, your girdle can double as sexy lingerie, instead of being that embarrassing thing you have to rush to take off before your partner sees it.

How to Fit Open Bottom Girdles for Big Women
The key to successfully fitting open-bottom girdles for big women is to get the girdle in your correct size. One common mistake with girdles is to try to get a smaller size to make you look and feel smaller under your dresses. Unfortunately, when you get a girdle that’s too small, it may pinch into your skin above or below the girdle, and that looks very unflattering under form-fitting dresses. Check your waist and hip measurements carefully, and get the girdle that is designed to fit your body type; don’t try to squeeze into a girdle that’s too small, because it will just backfire in the end.

Open Bottom Girdle Style Options
Open-bottom girdles come in various styles and support levels. In open bottom zippered girdles, Grenier has a full-support offering. Grenier also offers a medium support open-bottom girdle for women who want something a little more flexible and don’t want as much shaping. A corselet is another open-bottom girdle style; it provides shaping along the entire torso, and has a built-in bra. These are also known as open-bottom all-in-one girdles, and an open bottom corselet with extra firm control, such as the Rego corselet, is a great choice for women to wear under tight dresses.

An all-in-one open-bottom girdle is a good choice for women who have trouble fitting standard girdles; if you find that girdles pinch into your flesh above or below the girdle and just can’t find something that fits well, an all-in-one open-bottom girdle can help eliminate those problems. All-in-one or corselet open-bottom girdles tend to provide more control overall, and primarily come in firm-control options.

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