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Plan a Zumba… Pool Party? Aqua Zumba is the New Big Thing!


Zumba has been getting very popular in the past few years as a fun, high-energy way to workout. Forget the boring old exercise DVDs, or the monotony of jogging. The slogan for Zumba is “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party.” Just one problem… it’s insanely hot outside in parts of the country right now (my corner of the world included) and the idea of dancing your way to fitness may not appeal. Zumba has the answer.. throw an Aqua Zumba pool party!

What is Aqua Zumba?
Zumba has been sweeping the nation with Latin-inspired, fat-burning dance fun. Zumba involves music with fast and slow rhythms in a variety of styles, and typically combines high-energy cardio with some resistance training. Aqua Zumba is exactly what it sounds like – taking the energetic Zumba workout to a pool near you!

In an Aqua Zumba workout, the cardio keeps your heart rate up as you’re constantly moving – and you’re pushing through the water’s resistance, which means you’re performing large muscle movements and increasing toning. As an added bonus, Aqua Zumba involves less strain on joints, bones and tendons, because the workout is performed in a pool. This is a great workout for people who are injured, people who have limited mobility or even just people who want to stay in shape through the hottest days of summer – in the comfort of a nice, wet pool!

Find an Aqua Zumba Party – or Throw Your Own!
In order to qualify as a real Zumba class, the instructor must be Zumba-certified. To make it easy to find a “real” Aqua Zumba class, you can go through the Zumba “Find a Class” tool. Fortunately, you can find an Aqua Zumba Pool Party at a ton of places – your local YMCA, a local gym that has a pool, or even local community pools! Check with pools in your area, or use the tool to find a certified Aqua Zumba instructor.

If you want to throw your own Aqua Zumba party, some instructors will travel and give private classes. You can use the Find an Instructor tool to contact local instructors and find someone who will give your group an Aqua Zumba pool party to remember!

Alternately, if you don’t care so much about the Zumba certification, you can throw on some Latin music, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, belly dancing or hip hop music – and throw your own dancing pool party! You may not have the resistance levels or moves quite toned in, but you’re sure to have a ton of fun and throw a memorable pool party!

Don’t Forget to Dress for Success!
Aqua Zumba is an active workout, so it’s important to wear a good swimsuit that won’t slip or cause any wardrobe malfunctions while you’re working out! Browse our swimsuit collection to find something with good coverage that will stay in place – pay particular attention to our one-piece, sport-oriented styles. Dress for success, and have fun!

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