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Pima Cotton – What it Is, and Why You’ll Love It!

Cotton is one of our favorite fabrics for comfort and softness. We love the feel of cotton against our skin, and cotton nightshirts and occasionally jersey cotton sheets are favorites when you just want something cozy and comfortable. Well, cotton bras are no exception to this rule! Sometimes you just want a comfy cotton bra for lounging, and to enjoy that soft feel against your skin. Not all cotton is alike, though! Today, we’re going to take a look at Pima cotton – what it is and why you’re going to love it! (And which of our bras you can get it in!)

What is Pima Cotton? (You’re Going to LOVE It!)
Pima cotton is a very specific type of cotton fiber that originates in Peru. The name “Pima” cotton comes from a group of American Indians who were the first peoples to cultivate this fabric here in the United States.

Why is Pima cotton so fabulous? It’s actually one of the top cotton blends – right alongside Egyptian cotton, which we all know makes some of the best sheets you can buy! Pima cotton is absorbent, which is great on a hot summer day, and it’s light to wear, which means it’s comfortable and breathable. But Pima cotton is also extremely durable – it lasts as much as 50% longer than other types of cotton! So when you buy Pima cotton bras, you’re not only getting something super soft and comfortable, but you’re getting a great value in a bra that’s going to be longer-lasting!

Our Favorite Bras Featuring Pima Cotton
Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’re happy to bring you bras featuring premium materials! We’re working on updating our descriptions to list Pima cotton on all of our bras and panties that feature it, but for now, here are a few of our favorites that feature this super-luxe fabric!

The Royce Grace Wire-Free Comfort Bra 513 is one of our favorite Pima Cotton pieces! This Royce bra offers firm support for breast sizes up to a G cup – without wires, which just adds to the comfort level of this bra. With wider straps and wire-free design, this is truly one of the most comfortable bras we can bring you!

We’ve also got a couple of Melinda G Nursing Bras that feature Pima Cotton – perfect for new moms with tender breasts or sore nipples. The Melinda G Easy Fit Nursing Bras Nursing Sports Bra 1910 features a Pima Cotton and Lycrex Spandex blend, to offer the best marriage of comfort and shaping in a sport-style bra! The seamless cups won’t irritate or chafe sensitive nipples; you’re going to love this bra.

If you want something with a more open neckline, take a look at the Melinda G Bra Sized Nursing Bras Front Snap Soft Cup Nursing Bra 2031! This bra features a plunging center gore that gives you a more open neckline, which is great if you’re looking for something a little bit lighter and more feminine. And it features the same great Pima Cotton/Lycra Spandex blend for a perfect combo of comfort!

If you want something to coordinate, we’ve also got the Natori Bliss Girls Brief 156058 that features Pima Cotton, too!

Don’t take our word for it – give these fabulously comfortable bras a try, and tell all your friends how much you love your Pima Cotton!

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