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Picking a Flattering Swimsuit – What You Need to Know


Picking a swimsuit is something we all stress over. When it comes time to shop for a new swimsuit, most of us try on anywhere from a handful to more than a dozen swimsuits before we find one we love! And then there’s the inevitable second-guessing – which is always mitigated somewhat if you have a trustworthy friend come along and help you find the right style. But once you understand the factors that go into finding a flattering swimsuit, you can sit back and enjoy the process, and let the stress slip away! What do you need to know to find the perfect swimsuit for you?

Is the Fit Right for Your Body?
One of the most important elements of finding the right swimsuit is to pick a swimsuit whose fit is flattering for your body type. This is so important that we’ve covered it in-depth on our blog, so check out some of our prior posts on the topic:

Get your fit figured out, and you’re a huge step closer to looking fabulous at the pool or beach this summer! And while you’re trying on swimsuits, try to avoid the negative self-talk – it’s not that you’re “fat” or “have love handles” or “droopy boobs” – it’s just about finding a swimsuit design that works well with your body. We’re all different, so expecting everything to fit and look fabulous is unrealistic. Just focus on what looks great on your body, and try not to dwell on the things that just aren’t right for your body type!

Is the Color Right for You?
Color is hugely important when it comes to selecting a swimsuit! How often have you seen an otherwise pretty girl in a color that makes her skin tone look sallow, pale or downright unflattering? Just because your friends are wearing a swimsuit in a certain color this season doesn’t mean that the color is right for you! We’re doing a whole series on finding the best swimsuit color for skin tone and hair color this week, so come back and read up if you need help picking the best color for you!

Do You Love it and Feel Fabulous?
Finally, there’s the nebulous self-confidence factor. You won’t look fabulous in any swimsuit unless you absolutely love it and you feel fabulous. If you think the swimsuit highlights something about your body that you don’t like, or you feel self-conscious wearing a bright color to the beach – your body language will show it, and you won’t look like the gorgeous woman that you are. It’s imperative to find a swimsuit you absolutely love – so this swim season, don’t settle!

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