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Patterns are IN for Swimwear in 2011

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been looking at the swimwear trends for the upcoming 2011 swim season. Today we’re going to take a look at the shift to bold new patterns for your swimwear this year. The solid color swimwear of last year is a classic look; it was classic then, it’s classic now and it will still be classic tomorrow. But designers this year have expanded their collections to reach out to women who crave a bold, unique piece for this year’s swimsuit. Not sure where you stand on patterned swimsuits? We’ve got you covered here at Big Girls’ Bras with some really unique patterned swimwear pieces if you want to test your boundaries this swim season.

Bold Patterns in Two-Piece Swimwear
Tara Grinna is a very popular designer here at Big Girls’ Bras, and they offer several great swimsuit options for women looking for a two-piece with some unique, bold patterns. If you want to look a little bit dangerous, try the Tara Grinna collection by the same name: Dangerous. This animal-style print is perfect for the woman on the prowl.

Thinking a different look might be right for you? Why not try something more fun, upbeat and flirty with the Tara Grinna Shattered collection. The bright colors and bold shattered design say that you’re a woman who knows how to have fun and enjoy life.

Prefer to keep it simple? Consider something like the Tara Grinna Enchanted swimwear collection – a simple two-color pink-and-white splash pattern that makes a feminine statement about who you are without detracting from your obvious charms.

Tara Grinna Mystery Slider Halter Swimsuit Top

Too simple for you? The Tara Grinna Mystery collection goes in the opposite direction, with a nice blend of geometric shapes and patterns to lead the eye on a merry romp. Whether your adult sophistication trends toward the simple or the busy, Tara Grinna has many more options.

If the patterns on offer by Tara Grinna aren’t your style, Big Girls’ Bras works with plenty of other designers to bring you great patterned swimwear for 2011. Swim Systems, for example, has over three dozen different pattern options and color variations. Our style guide will keep you busy browsing to find the perfect swimsuit or accessory for your upcoming swim season.

One Piece Patterned Swimwear for You
Women who prefer a one-piece patterned swimsuit aren’t out of luck; all of our great swimsuit designers feature fabulous one-pieces. Fantasie is one of our favorite designers, and this year’s Fantasie one-pieces run the gamut from bold and stylish to retro, stopping by at classic and elegant along the way.

Consider the bold Fantasie Buenos Aires swimwear one-piece V-neck, featured left; a great bold black and ivory range taking inspiration directly from the catwalk.

Prefer something a bit more hip, fun and retro? Fantasie offers this modern take on the classic polka dot; the Fantasie Ibiza one-piece V-neck, featured right. It’s a great modern spin in a stylish cut and fun colors for an old favorite.

If a more glamorous, sophisticated print is your style, Fantasie offers the Melbourne Swimwear One Piece Underwire. This Fantasie one-piece swimsuit features a surf-inspired design that’s a bit more structured and contained if an all-over pattern isn’t for you.

This wide range of pattern options barely scrapes the surface of what Big Girls’ Bras is bringing you for the 2011 swim season. We have literally hundreds of great patterns and designs from our most popular designers; all available for your perusal. Let us help you find the perfect new print to redefine you for the upcoming swim season!

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