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Part 3: Holiday Shopping Guide to Bras – for Men!

Alright, guys – you’ve had the quick overview of how to shop for a bra for your lady, and how to select a high-quality bra she’ll love but won’t buy for herself. With just these basic lessons, you’re good to shop! But if your price point is lower, you can still get her a great bra that she’ll love – but you’ll have to be a bit more selective in shopping for the right bra for her. Today, we’re going to look at a few tips for finding her the right bra, period – even if you’re shopping in a lower price point.

Anatomy of a Bra

Full cup bras cover the entire breast, and offer the most coverage and support

To get her a bra she’ll really like in a lower price point, you’ve got to understand a few basic things about bras – and take a peak at her bra wardrobe to see what she likes. All bras consist of two basic components: the band and the cup. The band is the part of the bra that goes around her body, and the band gives us the number element of the bra size. The cup is the part that fits over her breasts. Most bras also have bra straps, which offer a bit of support and structure for the bra. Straps may be narrow or wide and cushioned, and may be close-set or wide set.

Demi bras, balcony bras and plunge bras often only cover a portion of the breast, offering less support and shaping but great cleavage

When you’re looking at these elements, take a cue from your lady’s bras to see what she likes. Do the cups cover her entire breast? If so, she’s got full cup bras. Do her favorite bras only cover part of her breasts? She may have a demi bra, balcony cup bra or even a plunge bra – check out our bras in these categories to find the closest match. Other details to look for include padded cup bras or no padding, smooth cup bras with no seams, or bra cups with seams (seamed multi-part cups typically provide the most support but may show under clothes). For best results, get her a bra with elements that match her current bra wardrobe.

Underwire or No Underwire

Underwire bras provide great support, but some women find them uncomfortable

The underwire is typically a metal wire that runs under each cup in the bra. Underwires provide more structure and support, and many fuller-busted women prefer underwire bras. But some women find underwire bras uncomfortable, and wear only soft-cup bras – bras with no underwire. Check out your lady’s bras and see if she wears bras with underwires or no wires. Match this feature and you’re well on your way to getting her a bra she’ll enjoy!

Descriptions and Reviews are Your Friend!
If you’re not sure about a particular bra, check out the description and read what our shoppers have to say in the reviews. Many women can tell a lot about a bra just by looking at it, but guys – you don’t have the years of experience, and may actually need to read the descriptions to glean information about the bra you’re considering.

And the reviews that our shoppers have shared about a particular bra can tell you a lot about whether your lady will enjoy the bra! Our reviewers comment on things like whether a bra is comfortable, whether it’s true to size and how they like the looks and materials – even its best use. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the details and aren’t sure about what bra to get her, the reviews can really help you narrow down the field and get her a bra that women love!

So what do you think, gents – feel comfortable buying her a great bra for this holiday season? If you get it right, you’ll really wow her! Join us tomorrow as we wrap up this series with some bra recommendations in various price points. And don’t forget – our knowledgeable staff are always happy to answer questions and make recommendations – just give us a call! Or leave us a comment and let us know what you’d like to know.

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