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Part 2: Holiday Shopping Guide to Bras – For Men!

Guys – yesterday we started sharing some tips for shopping for a bra for your lady. We talked about some guidelines for figuring out her bra size, and starting the process of selecting a style. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the specific criteria you should look at to get her a stellar gift. Make this holiday season one to remember by getting her a beautiful bra she’ll love and wear all year long!

What Does She Want – But Won’t Buy?
In today’s challenging economy, many people make a ton of small sacrifices to ensure a better quality of life for their families. One of the easiest things to sacrifice is something that will rarely be seen – a bra. Many women buy affordable bras for their every-day wardrobe because it feels luxurious to splurge on an expensive bra. Guys – this is one way you can make your holiday bra gift truly memorable! Buy her a wonderful, luxurious bra that she wouldn’t buy for herself – give her the gift she secretly craves but won’t buy.

(Or ladies, now may be the time to treat yourself! If you don’t have a guy who will shop for a lovely high-quality bra, don’t neglect yourself – treat yourself! Let this holiday season be a time of indulgence – your body will thank you!)

What a woman gets from a high-quality bra is better fit, luxurious materials and typically beautiful, handmade details, like intricate embroidery. Sure, an affordable but reputable bra will provide a woman with the support she needs and serve as a staple for her wardrobe, but a high-quality bra is truly a cut above.

Alternately, what about getting your lady a beautiful bra that she would enjoy but might not buy for herself? If she has a beautiful necklace that she wears on special occasions, a feminine dress that she saves for nights out or other ornamental finery that she wears only rarely, there’s a good chance she’ll have a soft spot for a beautiful bra. Holiday gifts are all about giving someone something that they really want, but wouldn’t buy for themselves!

Check Out Our High-Quality Designers
Many of our designers offer high-quality bras, but a few of them really do stand out above the rest. These designers are an excellent place to start if you want to get your lady a truly beautiful, high-quality bra that she might not buy for herself.

In no particular order, five of our top-quality designers that make truly extraordinary bras are: Conturelle, Empreinte, Marie Jo, Prima Donna and Fauve. Each of these designers offers their own unique look and feel, with details specific to their lines, but they all share one thing in common: these designers all feature high-quality bras. Women can expect superior fit and comfort, high-quality materials and unique looks with these beautiful designs. And best of all – many of these designers offer bras you’ll both enjoy! She’ll appreciate the luxurious high-quality bra, and you can choose a look that you can appreciate, too!

You really can’t go wrong with one of these designers, but don’t neglect our other great designers. If your wallet isn’t prepared for the cost of these luxurious bras, we still have many other great designers in lower price points that can make excellent gifts.

Check back tomorrow, guys, as we’ll give you a quick and dirty primer on details of fit and comfort that can help you find her the perfect bra gift this holiday season!

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