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Bra Changes Due to Menstrual Cycle, Menopause and Hormone Changes

You know how it is, ladies – those hormones are tricky! Not only do they mess with our emotional state and occasionally cause bloating and cramps, but they can also change your bra needs. Most women find that their breasts swell during the menstrual cycle; sometimes up

Bra Changes through Breast Augmentation and Other Surgery

Mastectomy isn’t the only reason women have surgery on their breasts – hundreds of thousands of women every year choose to have a breast augmentation, breast reduction or other breast-related surgery. In fact, breast augmentation is the most popular elective cosmetic surgery. In other cases, women choose

Changes to Your Bra Needs Post-Mastectomy

This week, we’re looking at the various changes that your body undergoes throughout your lifetime, and how those changes can affect what bra style and size you should be wearing. Today, we’re going to take a look at post-mastectomy bras. This is a subject that we’ve touched

How Weight Loss and Weight Gain Change Your Breasts

This week, we’re going to continue our series on the changes that your breasts experience at different stages in your life, and how that can change your bra size and bra needs. Today, we’re going to look at the changes to your breasts caused by weight gain

Bra Changes During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Yesterday, we talked about how your bra needs will change throughout your lifetime as your body goes through different stages. Pregnancy and breastfeeding produce some of the most dramatic changes in your breasts. During pregnancy, your band size and cup size will go up as your body