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Our Top Warm-Weather Bras!

Yesterday, we took a look at how to shop for warm-weather bras: what fabrics to look for and avoid, design features to take into consideration, and other factors in your hot-weather bra shopping. Today, we’re going to give you some of our top picks to get your shopping kick-started!

Warm-Weather Sports Bra
Sports bras are the easiest category for hot-weather shopping, as sport bra designers expect you to be working hard and need moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics! Many of our sports bras are great for hot weather, so we’re giving you a couple of our favorite picks:

Anita Rosa Faia Sport BH Sports Bra 5527: this great sports bra is made with a polyester/nylon/cotton/polyurethane blend that wicks moisture away from the body, and provides high breathability. The design itself is moderately low-cut for a sports bra, which helps prevent overheating.

Shock Absorber Level 4 D Plus Max Sports Bra Top B4490: this sports bra offers a bit more coverage, which is slightly less ideal in terms of temperature control. However, it makes up for it with superior bounce prevention for high-impact activities, and a moisture-wicking, reasonably breathable CoolMax Meryl fabric blend.

Warm-Weather Everyday Bra
Everyday bras are super important, obviously, as these bras form the staple of your wardrobe! One of our favorite everyday bras for hot weather is the Glamorise Natural wire Satin and Lace Underwire Bra Style 9180. This wonderfully functional everyday bra features a nylon polyamide/polyester/cotton/elastane lycra blend that is comfortable and breathable enough to wear even on hot days. The moisture-wicking fabric in the side panels and back is designed to offer all-day comfort. The bandless design and lace cup-tops add to the comfort in this simple, contemporary design.

Warm-Weather T-Shirt Bra
Finding a good warm-weather t-shirt bra can be a real challenge, but they’re essential for our wardrobes because we want to wear t-shirts when the weather is hot! T-shirt bras are often padded or foam-molded, which can make them more inclined to retain heat and cause moisture-related problems. The Prima Donna Spacer Bra 0161337 is exactly the kind of t-shirt bra you’ll love in your warm-weather wardrobe. This full-cup bra is made with a polyamide/elastane/polyester blend, which Prima Donna is calling “an innovative spacer material” – it’s a knit that breathes! This breathable material makes it perfect for warmer climates.

Warm-Weather Maternity/Nursing Bra
Moms shouldn’t be left out when it comes to having comfortable, breathable bras, but it can be tough to find a good warm-weather maternity or nursing bra when most of the designs feature lined or padded cups. We’ve got a couple of good picks for moms, though:

Anita Underwired Nursing Bras 5041: this wonderfully simple nursing bra is made with a nylon/elastane blend that is light and breathable, giving new moms the elusive comfort of a lightweight nursing bra. The stretchy, lace-like material is slightly sheer and breathable, and the cup bottoms aren’t too robust and deal well with hot climates.

Freya Soft Cup Nursing Bra AA1212: alternately, this Freya soft cup nursing bra is made of a lovely, lightweight material that features an internal lining of Ferran Ice to wick moisture away from the body. Hard to beat that on a hot day! Wire-free design great for moms who don’t like underwires.

Do you have a favorite warm-weather bra? Share it with us – summer’s coming and it’s time to update my bra wardrobe!


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