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Our Most Popular Conturelle Bras

This week, we’ve been looking at Conturelle bras, and why every woman who loves comfort and fashion should have at least one Conturelle bra in her wardrobe. Today, we’re going to take an in-depth look at a few of our most popular Conturelle bras, and find out what makes them so special. If you’ve been thinking about buying a Conturelle bra, maybe one of these is the right bra for you – time to pull the trigger, ladies!

Conturelle Joy Bra
The Conturelle Joy Bra is what you might think of as the “entry level” bra in the Conturelle lineup. The Joy bra still has all the great comfort features of Conturelle bras, and the fantastic design and engineering to make this a high-quality, comfortable-to-wear bra. But the Joy bra is a bit more simple in design than some of the mid-range and higher bras in Conturelle’s lineup. The Joy bra is a great way for women to familiarize themselves with the Conturelle brand.

The Conturelle Joy Underwire Bra features a smooth lower cup and beautiful geometric embroidery on the upper cup. The geometric embroidery is truly unique in the bra industry, as most bra designers feature floral embroidery on their bra designs. The Conturelle Joy bra is unique in the Conturelle lineup as it is the only bra that does not feature any embellishment on the straps. Basically, with this bra, you’re getting the functionality, fit, and quality of a Conturelle bra, but without some of the beautiful, feminine detailing that the rest of the Conturelle lineup offers.

The Conturelle Joy Bra also comes in a molded cup version, which is smooth and great under t-shirts and other form-fitting tops.

Conturelle Provence Bra
The Conturelle Provence bra is one of the best-selling bras in Conturelle’s entire lineup. This feminine bra really goes the extra mile with its beautiful detailing. The lower cup is opaque with beautiful embroidery details, while the upper cup is sheer with embroidery detailing.

The embroidery on the upper cup has the elasticity to ensure that it won’t cut into the breast, giving you a beautiful, rounded shape. The elasticity of the upper cup is great for women with asymmetrical breasts, and it offers natural shaping. The embroidery is very smooth and flat, so it hides easily under your clothes while still offering beautiful detailing when you decide to show it off. In short, this is the kind of bra that will fit and please every customer; it’s no wonder the Provence Bra is one of Conturelle’s top-selling bras.

Conturelle Avantgarde Bra
The Conturelle Avantgarde bra is Conturelle’s other top-selling bra in the United States, and women love the smooth-cup version. The Conturelle Avantgarde Molded-Cup bra is great under form-fitted tops. However, unlike most molded-cup bras, this one has subtle texture fabric with a diamond pattern, making it really stand out among molded-cup bras. The Avantgarde in molded-cup version is the perfect basic for any occasion, without being too simple and lacking in the feminine details that make Conturelle stand out.

Avantgarde is also available in a seamed-cup option, which has more elaborate embroidery and detailing while still featuring the textured diamond pattern on the lower cup. The molded-cup version is a great basic, but the Conturelle Avantgarde seamed-cup version is good for women who have asymmetrical breasts or loose breast material, as the elastic upper-cup offers a more flattering fit.

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