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Our Hearts Go Out to Boston

Whatever else we had planned to tell you about today pales in comparison to the tragic events that have unfolded in Boston this afternoon. News outlets are currently reporting that more than 100 people have been injured, and 3 killed, in two explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line. This is an unbelievably tragic event, and our hearts go out to all of the runners and family members who have been affected in today’s tragedy.

On a personal note, I, the blogger for Big Girls Bras, am from Boston. I live in Cambridge, just over the river from the city. I’ve been watching this unfold today in a state of shock and disbelief. I was just inside the Marathon Sports where the first blast occurred last month to pick up my race bib for a local 5k. I was just conducting a tour for some out-of-towners a few weekends ago, and we passed by the Marathon finish line – and paused a moment to paint a picture of the joyful, victorious scene of elite runners finishing one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious races.

I’m still processing this, and still waiting for official news about what actually happened today. Reports are conflicting as investigators continue to uncover critical details, and news outlets rush to report what has happened. I’m hoping to go to sleep at some point, although sleep will not come easily, and wake up to a fresh report that I pray will shed some light on what went on today.

In the midst of the tragedy, there are reports of good. Some news outlets have reported that upon finishing the marathon, runners ran right to local hospitals to give blood. There is some horrific video circulating of the blasts at the finish line, and the thing I choose to focus on is the fact that immediately following the blasts, before the smoke has even cleared, police and race organizers and even local bystanders rush to pick up the barriers and help the injured.

I am so proud of these examples of the good in people, and how people show their true colors to help in the face of tragedy. It’s what we’re clinging to, here in Boston, as we struggle to understand today’s events. We’re going to need more of this in the coming days, as people from around the country – race spectators, participants and hapless locals – get news of what exactly happened today.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been impacted by today’s tragedy. We hope a safe recovery for those injured, comfort for the families of the deceased, and justice for whomever set this horrific chain of events in motion. Please join us today in pouring out your thoughts and love for the people who have been affected by this tragedy.

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