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Our Favorite Warm-Weather Bras for Moms!


Last week, we took a look at how to shop for bras to wear in warmer weather. New moms and moms-to-be deserve to be comfortable when the hot, humid weather rolls in, so we’ve prepped a maternity bra and nursing bra lineup to keep new moms and moms-to-be comfortable in warm weather!

What to Look for in a Warm-Weather Maternity Bra or Nursing Bra
Check out our article on how to shop for bras to wear in warmer weather for the full story, but two of the most important elements to look for when you’re shopping for warm-weather bras are fabrics and design. You want to look for fabric blends, such as microfiber blends, that are breathable and wick moisture away from the skin. Cotton is a no-no – it may feel soft and comfortable, but it’s horrible in warm weather. Look for minimal designs – bra cups that are lacy or sheer can be more breathable, while full, thick molded cups, unless they’re made of breathable materials, are out. Here are a few of our top picks to get you started:

Anita Seamless Breathable Super Stretch Maternity Bustier 5100
The Anita Seamless Breathable Super Stretch Maternity Bustier 5100 is quite possibly our most comfortable maternity bra for new moms-to-be! The soft, super stretchy material is so comfortable to wear when you’re sleeping or lounging around the house. This bra is wire-free and designed with a focus on comfort and lounging, so some women may want something with more structure to wear out of the house – but it’s great for weekend wear, or to put on when you get home from work. The Nylon/Elastane blend is breathable and soft, combining the best qualities of microfiber with the feel of cotton.

Anita Aero Soft Microfiber Breathable Nursing Bra 5049
If you’ve recently given birth and you want a good nursing bra that will also keep you comfortable during muggy summer months, try the Anita Aero Soft Microfiber Breathable Nursing Bra 5049. This Nylon/Polyester/Elastane blend is a great double-sided microfiber – soft and breathable, you’re going to love it. The preformed cups make it perfect for wearing under t-shirts, and this bra is designed so that nursing pads don’t show through. The KwikKlip system makes it easy to open one-handed – this is definitely one of the best bras for a new mom’s summer wardrobe.

Leading Lady Sport Soft Cup Nursing Bra 4388
Sports bras definitely make great warm-weather bras, with their moisture-wicking, breathable, comfortable fabrics. Who says new moms can’t enjoy a good sport bra? The Leading Lady Sport Soft Cup Nursing Bra 4388 is one of our favorite double-duty bras for new moms. The polyblend is breathable, moisture-wicking and comfortable – making it great for a heavy workout or even just a walk on a hot, muggy day. The one-handed clasp is easy to open and close, making nursing a breeze, and the wide straps add to the overall comfort of the bra.

Any questions? Ready to get shopping? Check out our complete selection of maternity bras and nursing bras to find your new favorite warm-weather bra to keep you comfortable and dry this summer!

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