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Order a Swimsuit by Bust Size for Best Fit

Finding a swimsuit that fits can be a challenging prospect; particularly for women with big bust sizes. If you find a swimsuit that fits everywhere else, the bust is virtually guaranteed to be too small. Fortunately, there’s good news for big-busted women: you can order swimsuits by bust size to ensure fit. If you know bust size is usually a sticking point for you, this can be your salvation when you find a swimsuit.

Make Sure You Know Your Bust Size
If you’re thinking about ordering a swimsuit by bust size to ensure you get the right fit, make sure you actually know your bust size. Industry professionals say that a huge number of women are actually wearing the wrong bra size right this minute – and have been, for years. As many as 90% of women may wear a bra size that is too large in the band and too small in the cups, or has some other fit problem. So if you’re going to buy a swimsuit based on your bra size, make sure your bra size is correct.

Take a quick look at our bra sizing guide, and do a quick bra sizing on yourself to make sure you’re wearing the right size. If you’re like most women, you’ll find that you’re actually wearing the wrong size. It might be time to buy more than a swimsuit! But at the very least, buying a swimsuit in the right bra size is critical because there’s no layer over it to help disguise the fact that it’s the wrong size. The right size is also vital to getting the right fit and the support you need, instead of buying an oversized, saggy swimsuit.

Consider Style and Fit Needs
Your style and fit needs may vary if you’re plus-sized or if you have a big bust. Big-busted women, for example, may need swimsuits in styles designed to accommodate a big bust. Things like underwires, wide straps and supportive styles make a huge difference in swimsuit for big-breasted women. The wrong style may mash your breasts, display them unflatteringly or simply not provide the support you need.

Plus size women, on the other hand, might prefer to focus on styles that minimize the stomach region or help camouflage problem areas. Crossover-style swimsuits and skirted swimsuits can be quite flattering on a larger frame, and at the same time help minimize trouble spots. Even a nice two-piece swimsuit can be a good choice if it’s loose in the bottom and doesn’t cling.

Bust-size swimsuits are a great option to help you get just the right fit. Ordering a swimsuit by bust size can help you accommodate a big bust, and different designers offer different fits based on the swimsuit style. Consult the designer specific size chart to ensure it will fit the way you want, and enjoy your well-fitted swimsuit!

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