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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is here, and if you haven’t noticed in the past, it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! NBCAM has been picking up steam in the past few years as more and more women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and this becomes a much more high-profile issue. Tons of retailers now participate in specials and fundraisers to help this important cause, and it’s been getting a lot more coverage in the news in the past few years. Are you doing anything special for this year’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Look for the Pink Ribbons
If you want to help, or feel better shopping at places that support the cause, just look for the pink ribbons! Retailers who are running specials or promos in their stores tend to be very visible with the pink ribbons to show their support. Additionally, more and more manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon regarding this important issue, with many manufacturers issuing special NBCAM products with pink ribbons on the packaging. Typically, if there’s a pink ribbon involved, a portion of the sales are going to a breast cancer cause.

If you don’t have a lot of extra time or money, but want to show your support, just pick a brand that’s got a pink ribbon the next time you go to the grocery store, or look for the pink ribbon when you’re out shopping!

Find Fundraisers Near You to Contribute to the Cause
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has its own website where you can learn more about companies that are participating or doing something to help this month. Go take a look to find participating organizations and online resources. If you follow your local news, you’re sure to hear about fundraisers to support the cause. If you’ve got some extra time or money on your hands, join a walk for breast cancer, or contribute to a fundraiser in your area.

Get Screened!
More on this tomorrow, but October is a great time to get screened – particularly if you have a family history of breast cancer! Breast cancer accounts for 1 in 3 cancers diagnosed in US women, and early diagnosis is key to dealing with this dire disease, so get screened this month!

Stay Tuned for Special Deals and Fundraising Opportunities
Last year, Big Girls Bras teamed up with the Lisa Boccard Cancer Fund located here in the Ft Lauderdale area. We donated a portion of our sales to the Boccard Cancer fund, and we’re proud to have contributed to this important issue. We’re working on the details, but we’ll be doing something special for NBCAM again this month, so check out our site or follow us on Facebook to get the details when we post them up! We’ll also be blogging about it when we’ve got everything ready, so stay tuned for special deals and fundraising opportunities!

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