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Nursing Bras can be Sexy, Too!

Nursing bras come in a wide range of styles and designs. Many nursing bras are practical and utilitarian, doing the job just fine but lacking feminine detailing or pizazz. Not all nursing bras are like this, though! Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we know that new moms want to look sexy, too. Whether it’s time to reconnect with that special someone in your life, or you just want to look and feel cute and sexy under your clothes, we’ve got some great nursing bra options for a wide range of styles!

Patterns and Detailing
If you want to show your femininity with cute patterns and feminine detailing, we’ve got a couple of great options for you. The Freya Dotty Soft Cup Nursing Bra has a cute polka-dot pattern, and a feminine lace edging along the top of the cups for a look that’s playful and feminine. The Anita Rose Illusion Nursing Bra features a more sophisticated pattern on the cups and straps, with a black base, creating an elegant, feminine nursing bra.


Lace Overlay and Paneling
If you prefer lace overlay and lace panels, we’ve got several nursing bras that will fit your style. The Panache Sophie Nursing Bra features lace overlay on a nude background. Cute detailing on the center gore and a scalloped bottom band complete this chic style.

For larger cup sizes, the Kris Brilliant Lace Underwire Maternity Nursing Bra and the Kris Fortuna Lace Underwire Maternity Nursing Bra are great options. Both of these bras feature three section cups for fit and shaping. The Brilliant bra features lace on the top of the cup and embroidered detailing on the bottom section, and beautiful detailing on the center gore and underwire channel complete this basic but beautiful look. The Fortuna features a lace overlay on the entire cup, with a sheer section at the top and more embroidered detailing on the bra. Detailing on the center gore and bra straps add the finishing touches to this more intricate, beautiful bra.

Comfortable and Cute
If you prefer comfortable and cute, check out the Anita Cherry Blush Nursing Bra. This bra features foam cups covered in lace, with lace edging along the top and a cute bow on the center gore. Playful white stripes blend into the straps, finishing this fun look. This bra is a great option for the woman that prefers cute and comfortable to outright sexy.

Simple and Understated
If you’re looking for simple and understated, check out the Le Mystere Florence Nursing Bra. This cotton bra features excellent comfort and support, with power mesh wings, inner slings and a low center underwire for support. Cups are made with a cotton/lycra blend to provide a soft, comfortable feel against the skin and still offer absorbency. The styling is simple, with a scalloped lace design along the top of each cup. This bra features a simple and understated design, great for every-day wear.

Not sure exactly what you’re looking for, ladies? Come browse our complete selection of nursing and maternity bras to find just the right bra for you!

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