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Nipple Coverage Options

Some women are perfectly comfortable with their nipples showing through their clothes, and that’s all right! But many women are self-conscious about the possibility of their nipples showing, and wear molded-cup bras or even multiple layers to prevent the possibility of any nipple visibility. This is also a concern for many women in the workplace; nipples showing can be distracting, and sometimes even violate the dress code! During in this season of holiday parties, nice dresses and tops and work-related get togethers, it seemed like a good idea to review some of our nipple coverage options so you can find the right solution for you to prevent nipple show-through.

Popular Bras Provide Good Nipple Coverage
A bra doesn’t have to be a molded-cup bra to prevent nipple show-through; some of our popular bras – particularly in a multi-part cup – are great at concealing your nipples, even when it’s chilly!

If you’re looking for an elegant, luxurious option, consider the Chantelle Rive Gauche Three-Part Cup Bra 3281. This three-part cup bra’s design is great at concealing your nipples when they become erect, and it’s also a beautiful, sophisticated bra! The cups and band feature lovely lace detailing, and the upper cup is lined in power mesh tulle for more containment. This bra offers superior centering of the breast tissue, and stays for support and stability in the larger cup sizes.

If you want something in a lower price point, the Fantasie Helena Full Cup Bra 7700 is another great three-part cup that offers excellent nipple concealment. This bra uses microfiber simples for support and comfort, and a textronic lace on the upper cups for a rich, textured look. This Fantasie Helena Bra is a popular, supportive bra that comes in a good selection of cup and band sizes, and will look great under your clothes.

Finally, if you’re a curvy big-busted girl, we’ve got options for you, too; check out the Elomi Caitlyn Underwire Side Support Bra 8030. This bra features satin simples on the bottom of the cups for ultimate support, and beautiful austrian embroidery on the cup tops for embellishment. The side sling and multi-part cup offer wonderful uplift and shaping, and the construction of this bra provides the security you want that your nipples won’t show through at an inopportune moment.

Nipple Coverage with Breast Petals
If you’re looking for nipple coverage you can use with your existing bras, try some breast petals. We’ve got several options in our bra accessories, and you can wear these breast petals under your existing bras to enjoy the best of both worlds – ample nipple coverage, and continuing to use your favorite bras. Our most popular option, Fashion Forms Extreme Silicone Gel Petals with Travel Case, can be worn up to 25 times and come with a convenient case for storage, but we’ve got other great options if you only need something for a few special occasions.

So ladies, don’t worry about whether or not your nipples are showing! Use one of these great nipple coverage options to prevent show-through and avoid those moments of embarrassment.

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