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New Swimwear Collections from Fantasie

Fantasie is our #1 swimwear brand here at Big Girls’ Bras, and it’s not hard to see why! With nearly a dozen new collections for the upcoming 2011 swim season, and tons of great new one-piece and two-piece swimsuits for women to choose from, Fantasie gives women the options they want to personalize their swimwear. Fantasie has released 9 great new patterns for 2011, and more are coming later this year; bold patterns and prints that capitalize on 2011 trends for swimwear. Want a small sampling of Fantasie swimwear to whet your appetite for this year’s collections?

Fantasie Collections Featuring Animal Prints for 2011
One of the ways in which Fantasie has really stepped up its swimwear collections for 2011 is in all of the great new patterns it’s utilizing for swimwear this year.

Animal prints are in this year: just check out these Fantasie collections!

The Puerto Rico collection features a great animal print fabric in black, cream, coral, magenta and buff. Feminine and sexy with this color combination and pattern.










The Fantasie Brasilia collection is another animal-inspired collection, this time using soft drape, lustre fabrics. Enjoy the beautiful chocolate and ivory pattern that keeps the eye moving and draws attention away from potential trouble spots.










The Nevada collection is another animal print, this time in chocolate and teal. This collection features a more contemporary animal print in a sophisticated, elegant color scheme.










Finally, the Montreal collection features a quite subtle animal-inspired print using an animal-textured, draped fabric. It’s a nice update to the classic black swimsuit, looking glamorous with a hint of fun.










Fantasie Flower Power, Paisley and Classic Swimsuits for 2011
Like a good flower print? Who doesn’t! The Fantasie Melbourne collection features a bold, tropical flower print inspired by the sophisticated surf trend. A bit of silver glitter adds a touch of glamor, and you can coordinate with Fantasie Brasilia and Orlando collections.










Flowers aren’t your thing? How about a timeless paisley print! Paisley just never seems to go out of style, and the Fantasie Sorrento collecton features a beautiful paisley in grey with tones of orange and cream. Enjoy this feminine look and style with a classic design.










And speaking of classic: what could be more classic than polka dots? This year’s Fantasie Ibiza swimwear collection features fun pink spots on a black base. It’s a great modern color scheme for a popular print.










Off-the-Beaten Path Patterns for Fantasie Swimwsuits in 2011
Looking for something a bit further afield? Fantasie also has a couple of great non-traditional prints for the 2011 swimwear lineup.

First, the Buenos Aires collection, featuring a glamorous, bold, black and ivory range, inspired by the catwalk trend of oversized basket weave prints. This almost evokes the image of an animal print, but with a more sophisticated, elegant tone.










Want something with a bit more color? How about the Fantasie La Paz collection. The La Paz swimsuits feature an African-inspired design that combines earthy tones with highlights of aqua. It’s a great way to add a splash of color in a pattern that draws the eye and smooths out potential problem areas.










Fantasie didn’t stop here for 2011. We’ve got a ton of great Fantasie swimwear for you to choose from here at Big Girls’ Bras. Let us show you why Fantasie is our #1 swimwear brand!

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